What is Charity?

As you receive, so you shall give and as you give so you shall receive.

Anyone rich or poor can be charitable. Many people give because they acknowledge the law of karma or because it is written in religious scriptures. However we know how we feel when we give or receive something and so we don’t require a reason.

  • When you give from the heart because you feel it then it is truly giving
  • When you give without really expecting a reward then it is truly giving. Maybe you might not start to do it first for this reason, but once you start then you will feel it and understand and want to do it again.
  • Truly giving and receiving are both parts of LOVE.

There are so many ways to do some form of giving. On a personal level as you navigate life, there are many kinds of charities that you can can take part in or do on your own. So as you do your personal sadhana then you can choose a way to help others if you are able to.

In order to give something you must have it. To give physical things like food and clothes, one must have money to purchase it or make it or already own it. It is wonderful to do these things.

To also do charity as service is to help by contributing something that is not tangible like:

  • helping a friend put up his fence
  • helping out at a shelter
  • giving financial or legal advice
  • helping some learn to use something
  • teaching someone a sport etc.

You get the gist. So to offer something you must have it. So in some circumstances you might not have money but you can help in different ways. It does not have to be in an organization.

Charity to Mother Earth

With the current situation regarding Global Warming then we can pay attention to using less resources or changing our lifestyle a bit to help.

The EARTH and the other elements are part of us as we are part of them. We are constantly receiving and we must also give back for the proper functioning of our ecosystem. So the charity thing here is to use less. Our way of life has to change. We have to understand that resources are limited not be wasteful.

Our lives depends on this. In this case it is being charitable to our own selves as a human race.

So you can be charitable without giving money. Do something, kindly just because. No one has to know:-)

Om Prema Om.