As one meditates there are many experiences. Some are uncomfortable as purification of the different layers of the body take place and are cleared out. It does not matter if anyone believes me or not but it is my life I write about. It is written to help others who are probably like me having experiences and wondering about it.

I write a little about my awakening in the Kundalini Shakti Awakening and Transformation.

One may hear different sounds, smell different scents and see different colored lights. In short prayer becomes meditation, and meditation becomes silence. Purification continues as conditioning and karma are removed. Silence becomes total consciousness. Consciousness becomes engrossed in the void or the emptiness as purification continues. One becomes absorbed in bliss. The being becomes engrossed in light. One becomes empty yet full. One becomes full yet empty.

The experiences I speak about below is only gotten after many lifetimes of sadhana and so it does not happen to everyone. It is not talked about or written, but advanced yogis, sadhus and enlightened masters will know about them. Do not expect this after a few meditations. Do not wish it also. You must move from where you are and let the unfolding take place. Also one must not become stuck here wanting only these experiences. One must keep going.

I also share some others such as Experiencing Vrindavan and Christ.

I have not had a chance or it’s very hard to write down my experience as Lord Vishnu sitting under Sheshnath, Lord Shiva(2 kinds – pure consciousness and consciousness with energy dancing), Durga Maa, Lord Krishna, Jesus, Mother Mary, Guru’s that left their body. Each experience is different and how the energy feel is different. My mannerisms and mudras will change and sometimes my complexion. Even my eyes will shift and my face would look different. Sometimes it was hard getting out of these states while others it would be very quickly. Some could be triggered when a devotee came or sometimes if I focused on the deity. So, when a devotee came, I may not be familiar with the particular Guru or deity of a devotee visiting but the knowledge and experience would come for the blessing.

In the beginning when I first started to experience Durga – it was while the chanting of the Durgaa Chalesa and offerings and prayers were taking place in the temple. Once at a satsangh at my home, I began to experience Shiva but as a dancing Shiva(perhaps Nataraja because my feet and had were in similar postures). The next day I went to the ER. They did not find anything wrong with me but told me I should take baby aspirins just in case. It took me a few days to recover. I was experiencing myself but also experiencing this energy.

It is one of the reasons why I don’t attend Vedic chantings or poojas. It depends on the energy being chanted. It could be very strong and overwhelmed my body especially in my early years. Some experiences are very blissful or some are very energetic for my body.

I must say that one of my most wonderful experiences was that of Satya Sai Baba. It was heavenly as I become him. I experienced him while conducting a satsang and another time when one of his devotees visited me. The love of the devotee for Baba was so great so I could feel myself turning into pure love. My hand began to move like his and blessings poured out as love an bliss. My friend Aasha was with me and she also felt the love. It was truly a beautiful experience.

I have also experienced Guru’s that are still in the body just by reading their book. Here’s one example. In recent times my sister lent me this book on “Death’ written by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. As I started to read it my my face began to change as my energy moved within my body. I then could feel myself become Sadguru. My face was his face, my head was his etc, just like when I experience other forms. I knew then the state of Sadguru or at least how it was when the book was being written. I had to stop reading the book. I have decided to add a photo I took when this was happening. (it’s the last one in the set below). This was a weird experience.

In yoga these experiences may be classified as Sagun – experiencing God with form. There is something more to this though which I can’t discuss here.

Then there is the experience of the void.

Recently, I started to think that writing the details of these might put ideas into the mind of some and may lead to imagination of these so now I think it will not be a benefit. However, I already shared some so I will leave these here for my students. I will not write more of the others.

After experiencing the Divine in forms then one may experience the Divine without form.

Some pictures.

Recently woke up one morning and thought of Sri Lalita Devi from Shri Lalita Sahasranama Stotram and went into the bliss of this essence. I usually have lots of spots on my face but they seem to be very faded and I began to glow and looked so different.

Jai Guru Devi!