Experiencing Shri Krishna

As one meditates there are many experiences. Some are uncomfortable as purification of the different layers of the body take place and are cleared out. Some are wonderful and blissful. I share 2 experiences.

The first one is in this video.

The other experience happened as I was in my garden tending to my flowers. Suddenly everything seemed different in the way everything looked. I felt I was more outside than inside whereas the other experiences were more inside myself. I felt amazing and words were coming in my mouth as if spoken from the Bhagwad Gita. I was addressing humanity as “Oh Partha”. I started to post some of it on my Facebook page. Partha is what the name Shri Krishna addresses Arjuna at times. My logical and small mind was feeling and giving me a little of – you have gone crazy. As the day wore on I felt so wonderful inside. I had not experience anything like this before.