Experiencing Christ

As many years of sitting, contemplating and meditating in peace, I started to experience Hindu Gods and Satgurus. I thought that if I meditated on Christ, would I experience him? So one morning as I woke up I began calling in my mind and while sitting on the bed, I started to feel the stream within me move up to the to the top of my head. I felt there was a sweet spot there where I can feel his consciousness and my head became his, my eyes became his and I felt that I was him. I felt very compassionate in my heart and I felt that it was my heart but his also. It was a wonderful experience. So it felt really great. The overwhelming feeling was that of compassion.

Years went by and these things continued. Sometimes it happened not at my contemplation. It would be according to the person visiting. I would experience the essence of who they believed in. I did not disappear or something but was aware of myself merging in that form. So about a year ago or so I decided, what if I could capture this and see what I looked like. So I sat and I and contemplated Jesus and I could feel the energy in body just moving. I felt my face changing and my eyes shifting so I started to take a picture quickly. If I took more shots then I would disturb the flow. I thought I can put this together in a small video. To come out of it I, had to work on smiling.

The power of the Divine is amazing. The Divine blesses and changes to the form that the devotee believes in or contemplates for the Divine is unborn and eternal yet can play in the world of forms.

If the YouTube link below does play on this page please click on the this direct: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDLW2STfEco