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The Magnificence of the Divine Intelligence

The mala (garland)represent the cycle of birth and rebirth and the infinite cycle of creation. The feet of the Guru represents the lost of the ego and the surrender. The flowers is the beauty of the love we share with each other as we connect to each other with the heart.

Been a while since I blogged anything. My life has reached a stage where the divine force and intelligence of the universe is running my “being” in a state that cannot be understood by many.

This divine energy of the creator is part of the creator and is embedded in us and allows us to create the life we want. But in some of us who ask the question in some lifetime “who are you God?, “who am I?”, or “I love you so much God, I can’t get you out of my mind”, then the universe begins to dance to your answers. You begin a magical journey through lifetimes and you can continue your efforts, or get lost in this illusory world again.

I was born “awakened” and had to go through lots of trials to come to my state of “being.” This intelligence that I call the Divine Mother that controls my very breath is the most intelligence force in the seen and unseen universe. She creates the world of forms. Man’s technology cannot match her technology. Our understanding of the ourselves and how things work are still not advanced. Will we destroy ourselves and have to start over?

I write now as I see her how she has turned me into the “the Satguru.” It is only that intelligence and energy that can mold anyone and anything. Many gurus are here on the planet and they teach different classes. Just as in school many are gong to elementary school, and then less to high school, then less to college level and it lessens quite a bit to the doctorate level. So too the many gurus are there guiding many others. It is the divine mother that is guiding in the Guru’s and everyone is drawn towards the guru that he or she needs.

As I was doing my sadhana I had many experiences that help to mold me into entering into this state of grace and surrender. I remember the first experience that blew my mind away. This was only about 2 yrs after I met my Guru, the great Siddha Om Maa Shree Nandini Maa. I was in meditation and was not even thinking about Lord Shiva – the master of yoga. I sat there and I began experience that I was Lord Shiva sitting in meditation but I was also here in my room sitting in my body looking at Lord Shiva. I was the same being but was also observing myself. It was something that shocked my system of comprehension and although it did not last long, I was somewhat kind of perturbed. I have no idea what other people experience but this was one of my first experiences and many times on my journey I would question my own sanity. This human body and comprehension of how it works is one of the things that all of us must try to understand. The energy system and the dynamics of the immune system and the frequency of vibration.

The Divine Mother is the one that will take the seeker to the right Guru and the one who will take us to the world of the “void” where no time, no sound, no light exist, but just consciousness. There is no energy to feel since the energy of the shakti  cannot be felt for it too has become part of the consciousness.

For most of my life I would feel this energy within me but could not understand. But the Divine Mother was always working within me and now I realized  many things about myself for some time now. No one has to become a guru but the divine mother is the one who will carve you into what you have to emanate to the world. No one understood Shree Nandini Maa and  no one will really understand me so I have given up explaining myself to others.

How can I explain that I am like the living mantras. Many invite me to their prayers but how can I say to them, I don’t come because I experience your prayers and mantras within me. If I am in a house and someone is praying in a separate room I feel the prayers and then I send my blessings. My nervous system is so sensitive to energy or vibration that sometimes it’s too much for the body. Contrary to what all believes I don’t pray or meditate all day. In fact I don’t. It is difficult to teach meditation since my being just goes into silence. I learned that during my 7 day online program. I have learned during the past few years is that seekers come and sit in my presence they will be swept into a space of no thoughts. They would say “For the first time in my life I experienced no thoughts and felt so peaceful”. For some it’s a shock and some get scared. Others can go into states of bliss, so it all depends on the seeker.

What I have become, I cannot explain.  I move with the force of the creator and just sends out love into the world. My assignment in this incarnation is about love, divine love. The thing I am discovering is that my darshan overwhelms some so I am weary of giving darshan to many. I know that true seekers will be guided to me if it is meant to be. Giving a name to myself puts me in  a “box of expectation of behavior” and limits my being. So I am no one and nothing but play the various roles as they appear before me. Even sometimes I become the essence of the Gods or Guru’s of the devotee.

So these are my thoughts on this Guru Purnima day. I have no expectations of anything. I wear clothes that is comfortably for my state and I help others who seek guidance. I still  play the role of the householder and realize that Shree Nandini Maa was such a great being that no one really understood her and that no one will really understand me.

Happy Guru Purnima to all who read.

May you expand the heart with divine love and may you be filled with bliss.

Peace unto you.




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