Kundalini Shakti Awakening and Transformation

First of: what is Kundalini?

It is present in everyone and awakens the human and transforms him/her to know his spiritual nature to know his or her true self and become enlightened. It is a universal truth. It is the true aim and result of all religious pursuits and philosophies. It is called by different names in each religion and many ancient cultures. For  example it is called “The Holy Spirit” in the Christian religion. In Hinduism it is referred to as “The Divine Mother” or simply as “Shakti” looking for her lord “Shiva”You can do research on this if you are interested. At the height of it’s completion of transformation truth dawns about yourself.

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What is Kundalini and how does the process of Kundalini awakening happen?


I have never read this anywhere but “speaking in tongues” is a phenomenon of this process also.

To note: “Pranaa” is the energy of life and is like electricity everywhere and in our body. Kundalini energy is a kind of pranaa.

Many from the medical profession or  religious leaders in the community are not knowledgeable on this topic of kundalini awakening. After speaking with these I realize I had to find my own answers. Most of this knowledge is shrouded in the world and only now being heard of in the mainstream. It is also kept secret in the monasteries and ashrams. Only few gurus even know this science fully. I had great difficulty at times with pain, fatigue, different sensations, had difficulty handling money, eating in restaurants. I learned about how our thoughts and mood affect everything, especially in the cooking of food since I was becoming very sensitive to energy (of people and places) could not speak sometimes and could not turn to anyone but my Guru for advice, since no one else could understand me. Once I even called my Guru’s ashram in India for advice for although I went with full faith in the Guru and process, I did leap into times of despair. The important thing is not how you  got awakened or what religion or philosophy you believe in, but where are you going to go from there?

I am fine now most of the time but I have good days and not so good days. The change in the barometic pressure affects me also. I am thankful for having met her and also to the books I found.

What I have never encountered is the description of what I began to experience as certain mantras are being chanted. There is a different feeling or sensation I experienced as different mantras are chanted completely with different mudras. Chantings, prayers and kirtan for a certain deity would result in me having the mudras of that particular deity and my being temporarily merging or experiencing that form. After I would question whether I truly experienced that and wonder. After many years now these experiences have changed with new insights. The divine mother would take me into different experiences of Gurus also. I would experience different gurus of the devotees that came before me helping me to understand what the Guru tattwa was about. I became sort of a reflection of the devotee sitting before me and their love for that particular guru would manifest that guru within me and I would find myself giving blessings. My body has become so sensitive to the sounds in mantra that I experience that mantra within me and can feel the difference. As a matter of fact, my nervous system is so sensitive that I don’t listen to any mantra chanting or kirtans any more since it overstimulates my being and is too much for my body to handle.

This may all seem strange but this is my life experience. For many years without proper understanding I fought myself and was most fearful. Fearful to allow my story to unfold; fearful to proceed and surrender and wanted to not seem strange and be accepted by friends and family. I have to be true to myself as you have to be true to yourself. It is the only space where you can be happy.

To a certain extent, everyone experiences and dances in the play of his or her creation.

After reading many books and websites, I realize that many in the world now are experiencing awakenings and may be lost so I welcome the opportunity to help others when possible.

Whereas most of my mudras do not happen when I meditate anymore, it still sometimes presents itself when I am conducting a program. It comes on what is needed at that time. So what do they mean? We see them on statues/ murties everywhere.  In the past I would search for their authenticity or meaning but I realize that there is not much material out there on the subject. Just the common mudras are there and some of the explanation did not jive with me. I had to figure out the meaning in my life or else it is useless.

Mudras happen naturally just as the first yogis experience them. It is not just one hand. Both hands are part of any mudra to experience it fully.

This is an example of a mudra. This has to do with the flow of energy through the head and ties in to the Sahasrāra.


Shakti – Intelligent energy and Power of the Cosmos