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Where are we Heading?

My thoughts for today.

In this time of great upheaval, as the world stands on the precipice of war, mother nature is trying to help us avoid this. The natural disasters in no way compare to nuclear war which damages the atmosphere and everything around for many years. These events compels us to help our fellowman and makes us remember to be kind, to be considerate and respectful to others and share the resources of the world. When disaster strikes we see the best in humanity. When things are going too good people get restless.

Understanding our own nature will help us understand the nature around us and see that we are connected and part of everything.

Today our most watched TV shows are about solving murders and some of them are very graphic. Now children growing up looking at this stuff. Seeing something over and over makes one accustomed to it and it sort of gets acceptable. Mind you, I know that this is the reality but we don’t have to show such stuff. Sometimes I wonder about our media? They have their own agendas. Everything is about making money and building an economy.

An economy based on deception will ultimately collapse.

We actually don’t know why we exist and what it is we are here on this planet for. So we try to create things that make us happy. It does not seem to work because people who have lots of money are still unhappy. So we are working overtime most of our live to keep this monster economy going and our lives are slowly passing by with us not truly living. We have no way to avoid being part of everything in order just to have our basic needs met.

I think we will have to ultimately face the reality that we are a planet(one thing) and that co-operation will get us more fruits rather than competition. This old way of seeing things will have to change. Our old modalities will have to shift. Sometimes I think that the “cave man mentality” is still there  so clubs have been replaced by guns and missiles. If people build something then they will always want to use it. I think it is the time for the “feminine” to take root.

Mother nature will always win so we have to understand our own nature and align our society and ourselves with nature. There is an intelligence working here beyond our intelligence.

This entry was posted on September 25, 2017.