Guru Purnima – Thanks to our many Teachers


Let us spend a few moments giving thanks to all the teachers in our life.

Today is Guru Purnima. In most eastern traditions it is a day of celebrations dedicated to spiritual teachers. It is also dedicated to teachers in the academic field.

Guru means teacher or bringer of light. In the beginning of our life our parents are our first teacher. Then comes other family members and the teachers in our schools, colleges, temples and churches. Also, have you ever noticed that books and people come into our life at just the right time and then they leave after teaching us something about life or ourselves. This is referred as knowledge acquired through the principle of the “upaguru” – knowledge through nature itself and relationships.

We find literature, art and music that epitomizes our “resonation” and connectedness with one another. It is a sort of vibration to a certain frequency. In this way we are able to navigate life. In a way, we are the conditioning of the mind according to our tendencies and what we have learned from others. So what is real and unreal? We can only relate to things that we think is common knowledge. Someone else’s opinion of who God is is theirs and not yours. Yours have been formed by the people around you or what you read or experience. So can two people have the same experience? What is the truth from our perspective might not be truth to another. When we are ready to learn more the right teacher shows up. We must always have an open heart and and open mind to receive from the universe. Only then would knowledge flow and we see the synchronicity of the universe. So when we are ready for the spiritual truths then a living spiritual guru shows up in our lives. This guru is called Satguru – the guru who helps with the purification of the conditioning of the mind enabling us to see the truth hence ‘Sat” which means truth.

So today let us give thanks to all the different gurus and Satgurus who have touched us, all the living masters and also the ones that have left their bodies for their literature has left us with a legacy of knowledge.

Let us say a prayer of thanks together:

Thank you God for your grace.

Thank you for everything and everyone in my life.

Thank you for sending Guruji ( you can insert a name here if you wish- someone who has taught you or teaching you)

Thank you guruji for all that I have learned from you

Thank you for your blessings

Thank you for opening my heart more than I would have fathomed

Thank you for taking away the things that once created fear, depression and anger within me

Thank you for changing my thinking and being

Thank you for peace

The universe dances and is in a constant motion of change.Let us embrace change within our self and the planet.


Happy Guru Purnima – Some pictures as I transformed.