The Mother Speaks

4. Do not pray for things – pray for wisdom, pray for truth. Have love in your heart and appreciate what you have. Do not compare it with others.

3. Do not pray for things – they are temporary and only exists while you are in this body. Pray for things such as intelligence that will go forward with you in your next life or in a way also inherited by your offspring. There is a natural process of increased intelligence that is encoded in the human but by praying and focusing on what it is to be intelligent then I hurry that process along. It is as when your child asks for something that you are so happy to give him/her because you see it as a benefit.

2. Everything needs power to run. I am the ultimate power of the manifested universe. A part of that power runs within you and continues to power your soul when your soul leaves the body.

1. Just as you love your children and want the best for them so too, I love you and want the best for you.

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Trying My Hand At Watercolor Painting

Fence Mural with acrylic paint – 5-11-22

Sweet William 4/14/2022
Bluebonnets 4/14/2022
Carnations 4/2/2022
Watering Hole 3/29/2022
3-20-22 -Red Rose
3-11-2022 Cardinal

3-8-3033 Simple flowers

3-7-2022 Yellows

3-5-2022 Butterfly
3-3-22 Love
2/2/22 – Sunshine Om
2/1/22 – Rainbow
2/28/22 – Spring Mix

2/25/22 – Hare Krishna!

2-21-2022 – Another River Mountain Scenery. Still learning. The Om symbol is clearly visible.
Feb 16, 2022. My attempt at River – Mountain scenery. Painted from a photo. Made a lot of mistakes and improvised so it does not look exactly like the the photo. However I learned a lot. Can you find the Om symbol ?
2-14-2022 – Swallowtail on a zinnia. Can you find the Om symbol?
2/11/22 – Lilies. Can you find “Om” ?
2/7/22 – Petunias
2/4/22 – Sunflower
2/2/22 – Devils Tower – Sacred rock of Native American Indians in Wyoming -(I think)

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Maa Shakti Maa

The Divine Mother has takes many forms and is known by different names such as Maa Shakti, Parvatee, Mahalakshmi, Durga, Mother Mary etc. Without the Divine Feminine nothing cannot be acheived. Maa Shakti moves man from human to divine.

Aasha sings so beautiful, I asked her to sing this. Enjoy and have a great day!

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Conversation On Coping With Things in 2022

Question: Do you have a message for 2022? Everybody’s world is falling apart. What’s one thing you can say for us to have the courage? It seems like you can’t hold on to anything.

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Love – Stay Strong As The Mountain

Just putting out some good words.

I have nothing to give you but to send you the love that God has given to us in our hearts.

If you are sad, I pray that your sadness leaves as you read this.

If you have lost hope, I pray that you feel hopeful once again.

If you are happy, I pray your inspiration goes out to others.

If you are lonely, let your heart be filled with love and know that God is always with you.

If you are ill, I pray that you will feel better as you read this, for the body is healing.

If you are angry, I pray that you simmer down and get yourself out of that state.

Know that these are all states that change like the weather and it will change again.

If someone is hungry or ailing and you are helping them then you are showering the blessings of God. May you continue to be blessed.

You are helping others in any way you can, and we are grateful to have you in our lives.

You are a shining star.

Just as you create something and love it because you devoted your time, effort, care and attention and wants the best result for your creation, so too this world we live in was created by the Divine. So, we must have faith and trust and remain firm in our efforts to walk in light and love. Feel your divinity inside.

Remain steady and strong as the mountain.

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Does God Test Us?

Some words on the ego and life.

How do you know when you are being tested? Are some of the problems in the world attributed to the ego? How to use the ego for growth.

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The Bliss of Meditation

I usually do not sit for formally for meditation anymore but I decided to do it today. Then as I was about to begin, I thought hmm and clicked record.
The bliss of connecting with the “self” or atma or soul is wonderful. As the cosmic waves of the Shakti(called by many different names) arises and merges in the consciousness, the state of ananda is felt. The mind tries to experience or analyze it and gets in a little now and then but cannot record it. The state of the Divine lies within the complete stillness.

It is a wonderful thing to understand oneself. To experience the pure atman without the ego-mind personality where we usually operate from. This is why we say to hold the ego in check.

I encourage others to meditate to know this but it is a commitment. It is harder for some more than others because of the extent of clearing of karma or removal of conditioning that has to take place in someone. One must have the thirst for knowledge, or thirst to know one’s “self”, or know the Divine.

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Cell Phones, Satellites and Human Technology

Long after I am dead and gone will mankind realize the danger of the new technological devices. It is killing humanity slowly. It is affecting the animals and other micro organisms. The migratory patterns of birds and sea life will be affected. It is affecting the mind, nervous system and digestive system of the human also. This is physically as streams energy flow through our houses and bodies and every living thing. There will be new diseases which will have no cure because they won’t be able to diagnose it. Man will be on all kinds of drugs. It is only after many decades will people start wanting laws to create technological free spaces – when it’s too late. This is just like how we handle or is handling global warming.

Some are working on themselves to vibrate at a higher human frequency( updating their human technology) and some are just grasping the virtual world. Soon half of humanity will be living in this virtual world and will not be able to see reality. So from now on the world will be in chaos all the time.

Let me write that again – the world will be in chaos for most of the time because some people don’t know how to cope and don’t know why they are stuck or that they are stuck in their thinking. It takes a human being a lot of time to process a new idea or thought. Some people take longer than others.

Computers and technology are great when we put it to proper use but we somehow have to find a state of balance when we decide for example -this phone is fast enough, let’s see hold off on another upgrade. However the competition is ruthless in tech firms and countries. This is why it will take a long time until half the population is sick and starts complaining. Or when half the animals start dying.

If our world gets populated with more artificial intelligence then what will be the future? Will mankind become like some of those science fictions movies? Will our very humanity be lost?

Well mother nature might just decide for us and wipe some of us off like she is doing now.

My advice for any reader is that your job is to learn how to cope and how to live and stay in truth and balance your life and the amount of technology you indulge in. Eat whole foods and not too much things in packages. Have good company. Embrace the parks and natural areas that will give your nervous system some respite. Meditate to improve your inner technology. Educate others if they are interested in a new way of looking at the world. Find something that inspires you so that you could inspire others around. Love yourself by understanding that you are a divine creature and you have the capability of giving and receiving love. It will be hard sometimes but you have the capability.

Find BALANCE. Everything is at it’s finest in a state of balance. The pendulum moves for mankind.

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