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Memory of Past Lives

Past Life Memory from a Dream

Today I felt like sharing some of my writing. Have you ever had a past life memory?

Excepts from my autobiography

“I was somewhere in  another place on a mountain. It looked like night because there were stars. We stood on a sort of precipice. I was shown the earth down below in space. It looked like a huge light ball covered with yellow electricity( if you can draw this). It was spinning very fast and this person dressed in orange robes like a ancient rishi or sage(orange clothes with stick and water pot in hand) was standing below this huge tree. He was speaking to this young girl about 9 or 10 years of age. That girl was me. So I was witnessing the whole scene of myself interacting with this being or ancient Guru. He was showing me the earth down below. I could only see me from the back and I had long black hair. He was speaking to me but not with the mouth but with the mind. The earth was spinning very fast and I could see the incarnations of Ram & Seeta, Krishna and other people pop up from the earth from time to time. I saw them ascending upwards from the earth. I understood that the spinning represented time passing by. So it meant that time was passing by very fast and I was given the instruction to take birth on earth and spread divine love or love for God. I did not say a word but I was going to jump into the earth and he stopped me. He made me come to the earth using a passageway by going through the earth or mountain that I was standing on. I started to go downwards through the earth like tunnel and then I forgot who I was and came out of the dream or vision. I can’t remember which one. What I remember is that it was so very vivid and colorful and felt so good that I made a sketch of it. Everything was also full of so much light. Not like earth. This was the only sketch of a vision or dream I ever made because it was so profound to me”.

When I look back at my life I could see that I was born with this certain love for God that I could not get out of my system. I always spoke to God in my head like I knew God already and God was beyond the religion and ideologies. I allowed myself to learn about the teachings from the Christian and Hindu philosophies but my relationship was like me and a spouse. I would love God but also quarrel with God.

As the years went by and many miraculous things happened, I have realized that I was born with this great gift that can lead others to experience their true self and for them to experience true meditation.”

This entry was posted on October 17, 2018.