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Guru Purnima Celebrations 2021

I have stopped writing in this blog but I just had to write about our Guru Purnima Celebrations. My students outdid themselves and there was so much love in the Zoom room. My students have paid attention and are committed and are worth more than one thousand who may attend and do nothing. The grace of God descends and blesses all and all are drawn to where they are ready to receive and benefit from.

My students have touched my heart so much that I wish to share anonymously, some of their expressions. I share the following:

A wonderful, heartfelt poem, a beautiful painting that speaks, and a magnanimous speech written with such love, truth and thoughtfulness.

I have added another speech at the end, that was forwarded to me after I wrote this. It’s called ‘What is a Guru”.

True Guru

Never take for granted

Where a Guru might be planted..

Many travel far abroad

To see the face of God,

But what if what you’re looking for

Is living

in your own backyard?


The preachers preach and preach,

But Maa has come to love and teach,

Without the feminine expression,

There would be minimal impression…


Forget the talk of sin,

The Guru is within

That will be your guide.

If you can lose your pride


But always be aware

And then proceed with care,

For if you realize truth inside,

There is no place to hide.


Always see reality

Let this be your finality,

And when you’re growing old,

You will come forth as gold.


Happy Guru Purnima!

On this very auspicious day my humble pranams (salutation) to all the Gurus in physical form and not in the physical.  To all the saints and sages, to my parents, to every single thing that has taught me along this journey into my soul.  Jai Shree Parbatee Maa! My life was changed Dec 31st, 2006.  One touch of your body and my whole life changed.  I never understood what awakening was when this happened on 2007. 

Today I feel the Guru works on all layers.  The sadguru makes you the best poet, the best mother, the best singer, the best householders, and all other different aspects of your life.  As I walk in the world and think of the Sadguru everything gets done at the right time.  The people that get in contact with me feel the love, get healing, feel peace and support.  As I stand among the people they are getting the essence of the Guru because the Guru is working through me.  I am just observing as it is happening and when the people love and respect me then more of this beauty of the Guru opens up and is shared.  Always remain at the feet of the Master with humility and with love to learn to know as a seeker.  Maa has said many times that always say you don’t know and more doors open.  When you say you don’t know then the universe opens up in so many ways that you can’t imagine.  It is hard to write and capture the Sadguru because it is so vast and made up of everything.  We must open our understanding on how it works in us and learn how the Guru works through us.  I am blessed to be in this company of a true siddha yogi, who exploded in so much shakti.  This Shakti has taken me over and I am at your feet and at your service. 

My life has become devoted to you my Guru and nothing in this world tastes so sweet as being in your presence.   I am wearing the perfume of Shree Parbatee Maa and this fragrance cannot be found in any store.  Not Macy’s, not Dillard and no Saks Fifth Avenue.  This fragrance has come from the Himalaya and is hard to find.  Only if you are a true seeker can you find this Shree Parbatee Maa’s perfume. 


Another speech forwarded to me from on of my students explaining what is a guru:


In the passage of life we are having an infinity amount of experiences. We have learned from different circumstances that have been put in front of us. In the process we have learned that love is the main energy that supports the creation of humanity and is the main purpose of life.
At that point of life an spiritual leader such as a Guru comes into our life to prepare us to continue the spiritual path providing us with the guidance and teachings as well as bringing the meditation practice into our life.
God put us on the path of this enlightened being. We are very fortunate to become a Guru’s disciple and also to continue it’s teachings of love throughout our lifetime. 
We are blessed and our called is to continue the Guru’s work inspiring others to make this beautiful planet a better place to live creating a peaceful and a loving world

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