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Real Heroes – a Tribute to my Mom and brother Sean

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Today I share some words through this personal story.

We wait until someone leaves their body to speak the good things about that person. I believe that we should tell someone the great things we admire about them or how we feel while they are alive.

My Mom is a great person, a great soul. As a child growing up she worked very hard taking care of her smaller siblings while they her parents(my grandparents) worked the fields to earn a living. Life was hard. She never had a good time and was always working.

She worked very hard to bring up us 7 siblings and had to contend with an alcoholic husband, my father whose earnings was small. She never had any money to do anything for herself but she would try to get us our books and clothes. Thank God we had good brains and were able to make good lives for ourselves as we grew older. She never learned to read or write but have great common sense. She is extremely kind and loving to all. She loved God passionately and that give her great strength. Perhaps this is part of the reason I love God. She will pray with her last breath for her children and grandchildren and everybody else. Now she is showing signs of forgetfulness. She is 86 years and suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and walks with a stick or walker.

Maa, you will never read this but I have always told you of how great a person you are. You are beautiful and a true hero.

My brother Ganesh, also known as Sean served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was medically discharged and has been taking care of my Mom for the past year. He is so quiet, patient and loving and is a great soul. To go through the devastation of war and be who he is, is admirable. The way he never gets upset with her even though he has to repeat things. The kind way he does things for her even though it can become tiring. Ganesh you are great. I salute you with all my love and respect. You are a true hero.

Last week my Mom fell and dislocated her shoulder and fractured part of the arm. This is bad. Now she is in a rehab center. The place smells like pee. These places are desolate and tiring. Hope this place is good and she can improve to come home in three weeks.

To these silent heroes I give all my love and respect. I salute you.

Please share the love and salute my Mom and brother for being such awesome human beings.

All my love.

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Today is a beautiful Sunday. Now is a beautiful moment. Take time to look back at your week with gratitude. Did you accomplish the things you wanted to?

School starts tomorrow and I was supposed to talk about the education, knowledge and wisdom at the Satsang but I thought that the crowd did not need that talk.

We all know what education is. It is the school system. It is learning acquired from books and other outside sources including other people.

Knowledge on the other hand I will define as experience. So it is ‘learning’ that you have acquired within your own self and you know it to be true. It is an affirmation of the truth that you and others around know and can relate to.

Wisdom is the ability to put education and knowledge together and become wise. So we must sharpen the intellect. No wonder the Gayatri mantra is thought of to be the greatest mantra.

For this week focus on wisdom. Think of becoming wiser in your life in the simple way you do things. Build wisdom in your whole life. Meditation do bring you wisdom.

Here are some thoughts on going deeper.

Our mind field goes something like this:

  • what will I do
  • what if
  • I cannot sleep
  • I feel so sad
  • I am not loved
  • I am scared about death
  • where is God
  • I prayer all the time but nothing happens
  • I feel like something is missing in life but I don’t know what

As you sit daily in meditation and you start getting rid of unwanted things and embracing the good things according to our spiritual nature you will start getting periods of peace from this endless thought wave. You could try daily affirmations too.

So perhaps one day some of these things will appear:

  • No thoughts are coming. So no questions. The being is blissful.
  • The thoughts that do come, sprouts knowledge in the experience – wow, this is amazing.
  • You are not chasing useless desires and other people’s desires
  • You are naturally focusing better on your role in the family, career and society better than before.
  • You are actually starting to feel the grace of God
  • You are becoming wiser and stronger to deal with life situations

If you have not meditated before then it is hard to start. Start by doing the exercise yoga and singing kirtan. Attend one of our programs. See what you find.

Satsang is a date with God, an evening in heaven. Satsang is sitting in truth, sitting in presence.

Then after some time after intense “database cleaning” you have arrived deep where the seat of the soul exists:

  • You have no more questions about God or the universe.
  • You are happy. You are at peace. You are merged with the whole
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What’s in your database?


Within us lies a database. Our genetic makeup is created according to what is stored here. It is filled with impressions, emotions and memories which trigger our thoughts, behavior and actions. This is karma. It stays with us from lifetime to lifetime. Through the impressions we can be a positive person or not.
Our immediate goal is then to purify our self of negativity and remove the unnecessary in our database. We need to develop strong faith and will power and use our keen intelligence to affect this change in life.
The inability to adapt to change and affect good change in our lives keeps us from progressing in spirituality and any other area of life. For example if we know eating a kind of food causes us indigestion and we keep eating it then what about our other habits?
So we have to purge out database and stop adding unnecessary things to it.

Action for today
Develop strong willpower for the right things you want to change in your life and set reasonable parameters to affect the change you want to come about. Don’t waver.
Inspire yourself daily.
And always, make 20 minutes of meditation part of your daily routine. See how negative emotions and tendencies just escape when you are completely in “presence.”

Divine Blog


Some have suggested a blog so I have set this up. Let’s see what happens.

As with all blogs you don’t have to give your real name if you wish.

Here’s a wonderful chant that all can listen and learn. I have not sung it in the traditional way. It is very potent and can grant liberation.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya



I am not good with the language so I will relay the meaning from the book “Healing Mantras”:

Om is the name of the state of existence in which the individual ” Indweller” (jiva, atman, or soul) has united with the all-pervading divine substance, the spirit of God.

Namo means “name,” or “name of.”

Bhagavate is a specific individual who is in the process of becoming divine, It can be either a person now born or an already developed soul.

Vasudevaya is the “Indweller.” The divine substance, giver of all, knower of all, apart but not separate from the divine substance everywhere.

So something like:

Om is the name of the Indweller in me, that is ever in unity with all of creation. Kindly reveal your truth to me.

Listen. You might find yourself going into meditation.


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