I live a very simple life. If we do meet, it is by God’s grace.

After having this page for many years, I have realized that many are not drawn to learning from me because I am not famous and I don’t have a book. My website and YouTube channel is like my book. I have never done marketing. I cannot qualify or quantify the value of what I teach and so I cannot make a price on it. The grace of Divine Contact Meditation does not have a price on it. The sun just sits there and gives us the rays. My state does not allow me to have regular schedules and travel a lot so hence the dilemma. My conclusion is that this path is just for a few who are truly seeking or who probably are awakened and don’t know what to do, what foods to eat and how to move on etc. So if you are one of those just drop me a line.

For Divine Contact Group Members Only:

  • Blessings/Darshan
  • Weekly Meditation Sessions on Zoom
  • Visit to your house for Darshan/Satsang, lecture and blessings.

Kirtan with Aasha

For more details please send and email with your phone contact information to our email address listed on our contact page.

Om Prema Om