Some pictures of past activities:

I now live a very simple life. If we do meet, it is by God’s grace.

After having this page for many years, I have realized that many are not drawn to learning from me because I am not famous and I don’t have a book. My website and YouTube channel is like my book. I have never done marketing. I cannot qualify or quantify the value of what I teach and so I cannot make a price on it. The grace of Divine Contact Meditation does not have a price on it. The sun just sits there and gives us the rays. In the past whenever I sat with others they had different experiences. Depending on if they were already a “meditator” or not or whether they were awakened, the experiences would vary. Some would cry, some would shake, some would laugh, some would become blissful, some would hear ‘Om”, some would go into meditation, some would go into a “no thought state”. Many would not come back, but something would shift in them and they would be sent to where they would grow or their lives would change. I began to understand it is a matter of different frequency. When we shift and move to a higher frequency then only people of that frequency will be drawn to be around you. Only those who wants to shift their frequency and transform will be curious to understand themselves and know more.

Anyway, my state did not allow me to have regular schedules and travel a lot so hence the dilemma. My conclusion is that this path is just for a few who are truly seeking or who probably are awakened and don’t know what to do, what foods to eat and how to move on etc. As one shifts then the food we eat has to change also, or it would be difficult in the body. So if you are one of those or if you would like to join our meditation meditation group, just drop me a line at We don’t just do meditation. Since change in frequency changes food, thoughts, philosophy, understanding of the universe and life itself and who we are, we cover many different topics and universal knowledge. Experiences causes more questions and some questions can only be understood with direct experiences.

Some current members of our Divine Contact Meditation Group.

For Divine Contact Group Members Only:

  • Blessings/Darshan
  • Monthly Meditation Sessions on Zoom
  • Visit to your house for Darshan/Satsang, lecture and blessings.

Kirtan with Aasha

For more details please send and email with your phone contact information to our email address listed on our contact page.


If you are truly serious about learning meditation and feel drawn to learn from me do drop me line at I still take new student if the Divine sends them.

Om Prema Om