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We are Souls on a Journey of Love

The effects of hurricane Harvey are catastrophic and we salute all the heroes who have being working night and day to help. Nature makes us realize how life is such a gift and at any moment things can change.

The “march” in my song is not a literal march. It is about the words that are our tools; it’s about bringing out the best in our being as we see in the kindness and cooperation that we are witnessing now.

We can say that the rains of Harvey washed some of the hate that was spewing out in recent times. At this moment we are indeed the words of kindness and cooperation.

Here’s my song:

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How I Enjoyed the Solar Eclipse 2017

Seeing the pics on TV was wonderful but I wondered what would I feel outside?

I walked barefoot in my yard and started being wrapped up in bliss and joy. My nervous system was wrapped into a euphoric state of wonderfulness. As I write I am trying to remember. I am still in a state of wonderful bliss and harmony. It was not enormous eneregy pouring through my system as sometimes happens. I think, since some of the energy of th sun was blocked off so the less energy and the effect of the moon was totally effecting the Ida and pingalla within my being. It was certainly so wonderful as my feet was grounded in the earth, and a gentle breeze was blowing against my skin.

I decided I must takes some pictures while I was feeling so so wonderful. Here they are. I captured some of the wonderful rays. Sometimes we forget how much the effect the sun and moon have on our system and how much we are part of the whole. We are so connected to nature. Many are just looking at the beauty but there is more to be experienced.

Pretty interesting the first and last photo.


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We are Souls


Here’s my song:


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