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A Song – Freedom

Sometimes I create small songs, sometimes I write philosophy, sometimes I write little poems, sometimes I think of people and send my love to them and sometimes I play Candy Crush (lol). Sometimes my being pick up the waves of what’s going on and it does not feel well. My body aches and I have a hard time going out to stores and other places. If you don’t know, our being feels the vibration or energy of others and we share this. It is those times that I wish I had earned lots of money so that I would have a retreat away from all of this; somewhere near the mountain or ocean where my body feels at ease. Now I understand why they build monasteries and ashrams away from society and more in nature, especially in mountainous areas.

One thing is at whatever frequency we vibrate, sometimes if some of us connect to others we can induce the beginning of healing just by our voice or touch.

Anyways, here is one of the songs I wrote a few years ago that lifts me up. When I say “free for free” I am not talking about freedom of country but freedom of the self to feel free. Freedom to not be limited to other peoples ideas of God, philosophies, food etc. We can work on ourselves for free. There is so much free information out there.

If I can spread some joy it will reflect back to me, you know. So sing with me or sing to some other tune and have a glorious day!