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Happy Navraatri

May the Goddess bless you with love, healing and transformation, and as you move into light and love and become more conscious beings. Do not fear, have faith and have courage. Remain safe.

Reflections of the Divine Mother:

  1. Everything runs on energy. I am the the energy of the cosmos.
  2. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change. In the heart of matter there is no matter.
  3. Hence all matter is my illusion.
  4. So I am embedded in every particle of the universe. You cannot see me.
  5. I am the vibration of the universe as it dances around.
  6. My behavior is mysterious but in the highest frequencies  I am spirit.
  7. The tornadoes, the flowers and everything reflect a certain pattern according to how long it exists in the seen and seeded universe.
  8. I am also consciousness.
  9. This consciousness and energy always exists.
  10. This play of consciousness will always exist but the know-er can only know one moment in time.
  11. Who is the “knower”?- The “knower” can only know the known when the “knower” and the known becomes “being”.
  12. I take the “knower” to the known.
  13. The known can be known in the human body or similar body types in similar planets, when truth is sought.
  14. Separate from my illusory nature, I exist in the human body in a primal nature  responsible for the assimilation of one matter into another providing energy for the entity.
  15. The energy elements of the sun, wind, earth are converted by these plants into food. The human body converts these into energy. The organism then uses the energy to live and evolve.
  16. So I am hidden in the spark of the human being.
  17. My energy can be used for good or evil depending on the brain and emotions of the human being.
  18. Those of a primal nature are destructive and those that operate at a higher level of thinking are creative.
  19. In terms of creativity, I am responsible for all the art, music, literature and science.
  20. I am the different forms of vibration.
  21. I am joy.
  22. I am bliss.
  23. I am always with you. You cannot exist without me.
  24. I am the divine force in the guru.
  25. I do the work of consciousness.
  26. Without me no work can be done
  27. My modes of operation is within the three “gunas”.
  28. I am the all possibilities of human expression.
  29. I am the living force in the seeds.
  30. I am the love energy that brings about creation
  31. I am beyond space and time.
  32. From me all beings of all realms come into being
  33. My experiences are vast and complete evolution takes the human back to see his divinity-to see the possibilities.
  34. I am the Shakti in Shiva.
  35. My face is reflected in the knower of the known.
  36. I am absolute power.
  37. I am the force in the wind.
  38. I am the force in the atom.
  39. I am in the fire of the volcano.
  40. I am Devi(the Goddess). I am felt in the utterance of “maahh”.
  41. The universe springs from within me and I am part of all avatars, gurus, saints and sages.
  42. For it is I who gives them energy and wisdom.
  43. And through them knowledge and wisdom is spread according to their frequency of vibration.
  44. I work through words, energy, light and sound and the emotion of the sacred heart.
  45. It is by my intelligence that the blueprint of all forms or yantras  exists for it is the very nature of energy vibration.
  46. From yantras all forms flow into being existing in the manifested universe of sound, light, energy into matter.
This entry was posted on March 29, 2020.

Your Time for Introspection

Sometimes we have to look at things from a different perspective. Sometimes things can be blessings in disguise. FDR said: “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself.” This situation will pass, have no fear. Look now at the blessings in your life.

When this is over what will you change about your life?

The globe is but a tiny spec in the universe. It took billions of what we call years to bring you into being. We must take care of the earth as she has taken care of us. We must be weary of the resources we manufacture that are just pure waste or what we buy that are not very useful. Destroying more of nature will bring more weather changes and more viruses.

Sharing one of my songs that I shared before.

We want, love, peace and joy so if we sing it the words will go deep inside to bring it about. So, this is meaning behind the first 2 lines.

We are life, we are hope, we are joy.

We are love we peace, we are one.

God bless you and have a wonderful glorious day!

This entry was posted on March 18, 2020.

Just Felt Like Writing about the Soul

Sometimes it is easier to explain stuff as someone else writing so I have written as what God might say.

I have given you a piece of myself in my own image which is the atma or soul so that you could live in the “becoming.” Since I am eternal so to is the nature of the atma in you. You are made up of all the experiences you encounter from life to life. Together with the genetic imprint of your parents and ancestry it wields your tendencies, aspirations passions and your nature. While you are on this earth you are also physically made of up of the food you eat, the elements and the company you keep so you are part of the planet. If you could feel your atma without all of this then you will feel me completely for I am not separate from it. Your role of experiencing the earth and transforming it as you transform yourself is what life is all about.

You are co-creators with me and each other and by having free will you can do great works. Just as you have changed from your ancestors, so to you have the ability to change your descendants. If you want your descendants to be war-like then you fight wars. If you want your descendants to be peaceful then you propagate peace. If you want your descendants to be loving and have common sense then you propagate that. It is simple because you are reborn as your descendants or you choose your family according to what you are wanting to improve about yourself or work on(or have a different life experience) in the future. The choice would be what you are made up at the moment of your last death or even your last thought which will be the predominant thing. For the wheel of the “becoming” or world of change and transformation is what the physicality of life or the experience while in a body. The spirituality is the whole of life for the spirit lives in death and life. The spirit is the atma(soul) plus the energy of the storage of data or experiences that you are taking with you all the time. Different words convey different meanings so hopefully my words don’t confuse. Sometimes it is difficult to explain things.

If you travel to another country and live there, you will always be attracted to the people of the same character that you had and the same kind of people will be attracted to you. So, it is the same after you die. It makes sense that if you live a good life then you will be surrounded by similar beings. There is no literal heaven or hell. If you are a tormented soul then you are already in hell while living in your body. The atma after death does not have a body to burn. You burn the body here.

This world of the “becoming” is just pure energy. Nothing is stagnant. Everything is moving and transforming. Perhaps, new lifeforms, new planets, new dimensions and new universes. Nothing is impossible for there is a mirror effect in creation. When you solve a new mystery a new one is born for the universe also lives off your perceptions.

This is my divine play, my divine work which has been set in motion. There are billions of galaxies and billions of planets. I cannot have just one incarnation of one son or one daughter or one teacher. There has to be many teachers for the many students, for time is infinite so anyone seeking a genuine teacher will eventually cross paths with one. “God-like” beings are always roaming the earth and you will only meet one when you are ready. This is written into the creation itself. This universe is still young and so are you. There are other celestial beings and other dimensions, but you should not meddle with that. Fix your own self, fix your own planet. You all have the necessary technology built into you to become “God-like” beings. You must develop your inner human technology.

Perception and reality are intertwined. Work on your inner self and give rise to a good society and experience a glorious life for the future depends on each one of you.

These are simple words because if it is written in the context of Prakritri and Paramatmaa it will not be understood.

This entry was posted on March 1, 2020.