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Questions and Answers Section

Q: If you love God so much and you love him in the heart, then what would you to next to get close to the divine?

A: Very good question.

Once you already love God in the heart then you would probably already be feeling close to him( “him” or “her”  refers to God with form). Feeling so close to God changes your relationship and thinking and you no longer ask him for things. So you are already close. The love in your heart will lead you to be kind and compassionate which will lead you to do many good things for your family and society. So the result will be good karma for you and people around you. So this is great.

Perhaps in your question you wanted to know, what is next? What are the next step towards experiencing God or finding enlightenment?

This is where it gets tricky. Here are the different ways it happens.

According to your disposition if you find yourself thinking about God, like loving Krishna or loving Jesus with all your heart almost all day then the divine energy(evolutionary impulse, or spirit or our soul) awakens. It is there in everyone and has many different names. This has been a guarded secret in the monasteries and ashrams in the past. Now this knowledge is being brought to light because humanity has to grow and evolve. Then you need a Satguru( one whose body has been purified and this energy pervades their entire being) to help you understand this new biology or human perception. One will show up automatically in your life and then meditation will start happening in you automatically.

Another way, is to seek out the company of one and they will help you as much as possible to start this process going.  Some Gurus call it “inner engineering” or “inner awakening.” Shree Nandini Maa called it “internal development.” If you follow their advice then eventually you will start meditating automatically. It would not seem so hard. Start reading the autobiographies of saints. Walking with a saint, spiritual teacher or guru gives you inspiration, strength, wisdom and starts inner experiences. Some of your karma is burned just by sitting in their presence. Inner knowledge comes about as you begin to be in touch with the divine energy of your soul.

If we are to think of the earth as a school then meditation is the last class to graduate in. It clears out all your sins/impressions-seeds of karmas/sanskars or whatever name you want to call it. We have been repeating many of the same classes over and over again, lifetime after lifetime.

So according to your disposition or why you are going on this journey, go from there. If you are satisfied with just doing charity work , praying and offering the fruits of your action to God then do continue, for eventually you will develop the love for God and the interest in knowing him at a deeper level. A Satguru will show up in your life, but it will be all up to you to know this.


Q: I would like to know is there a specific time to meditate? and why? can you expand upon that for me please. Thank you.

A: Wonderful question.

It depends on our personal situation of work or things that we do in our normal day.
If one is a beginner in meditation it is best to do it when you know you have a few minutes where don’t have to rush off to do something. In this case select a time that is best for you, but it has to be the same time each day. What happens is that the body has an intelligence and you will go into meditation faster every time. Do not pick the time when you have just eaten a meal or is hungry.
If one has been meditating for some time then some purification takes place and you start returning to your natural self and no longer in the conditioned mind. So you might find yourself waking up around 1 or 2 hours before sunrise. If you cannot sleep then this is the perfect time to meditate. The whole of nature in your community is asleep and become awake. At this time of the day it is special when you meditate. You have had a good night’s sleep and meditation becomes so easy and wonderful. There are other scientific reasons but it cannot be explained here. If you live where you are surrounded by nature then it is most likely you are always up with the sun. The sun is our energy giver.
There is a second time when this will also happen in the experienced meditator. It will be around dusk or sunset. Then nature is going to sleep. For who had babies you will remember they would always be crying when it is sunset and they would always be awake like around 4 or 5 am. Just like the birds. Also you have not eaten anything yet and not quite hungry.
This is why people who live in monasteries and ashrams will wake up very early and prayer and meditate. Some teachers still go by that. We do not live in those places.
So pick some your time. Pick your space. This is your sadhana. It’s ok sometimes if you are unable to but we must keep on the journey.
Thank you for your wonderful question and happy journeys.


Q: What is sadhana?

A: It is your daily spiritual effort for spiritual enlightenment. It can be chanting a mantra or some form of meditation or “inner engineering” practice. Ultimately it is your personal endeavor to find truth. It can extend to reading spiritual books, scriptures. Sadhana is also about understanding the effort, understanding the changes within oneself and acting on the changes. It is not about doing one mantra forever. When you begin to see synchronicity in your life then you know that you are guided by the inner guru(guide) within you. The inner guru will sometimes lead you to an outer guru because you have to learn something new. Ultimately the the goal of sadhana is to illuminate you and the highest form of sadhana is meditation.


Q: What is Darshan?

A: See video


Q: Why do we use flowers in pooja?
A: There are many reasons my child.
The most obvious is that it represents our love. We offer a flower to God as an offering of love. In the ancient days in India and other places they they made garlands to wear and wore flowers in their hair just because they looked so beautiful and smelled wonderful. Flowers are a universal expression of love since we use them at weddings, funerals, and send them to our loved ones just to send love or to celebrate an occasion or festival. We also send them to patch a quarrel. We wear flowers in our hair and decorate a place and we see how beautiful it is. It evokes a great feeling just looking at it and smelling it. So sometimes it is also medicinal in this way. We know that some flowers have actual medicinal properties. If someone brings or sends you flowers you know what it means.
The next reason we use flowers is because when you look at it you can see the mathematical precision. You can meditate on it and see the intelligence of it and wonder at the intelligence of the creator. The work that went into it. The shapes of some flowers also are like yantras or blueprints on how the energy in the universe runs. It looks simple because we see flowers everywhere but we are reminded of the energy of the universe.
The next reason is related to our light body. Flowers reflect light in a certain way. When we use different color flowers for different deities, we are invoking different energies. For example we use white or blue flowers for Lord Shiva because he represents meditation. Lord Shiva is seen sitting in meditation. Yogis would focus in the third eye area and various shades of the color blue, indigo and white may be seen. So, the color of the flowers, the different ingredients in the pooja, and together with the other elements in the pooja is a formula that brings about a meditative state. The white flowers keep the mind calm. Fascinating that the world’s color for peace is white and in the past during times of battle a white flag was the message of surrender. Red is the opposite of calm so it is the great color for celebration and dynamic energy and movement. Mother Durga and Lord Hanuman represents much energy and power so their color is red.
Modern psychology has studied the different colors and the effect on the human mind and now we have rooms built and painted a certain color to be more relaxing. So each flower, ingredient, etc. together with the elements of the fire, earth, water and wind present a formula to bring about energetic changes within the human body and mind. This is the wisdom of the ancient sages who created some of the rituals. It is for a higher purpose but the way it is set up then you don’t have to understand it to get benefits.
The last reason I will give is one of the most important one. It is part of the wisdom of the ancients. You see if we have flowers as part of the pooja then we will cultivate them. This will keep the bees and insects around to pollinate our crops. Without crops we have no food. No food, no life on this planet.
There is science and wisdom in some of the ancient things in Hinduism. There are also things that can be changed or improved as humans continue to evolve.


Q: Besides eating and exercising right, praying and being thankful for everyone and everything in our life, what else do we need?

Tools for our Inner Journey:

  • Courage
  • Faith
  • Love for God or Open Heart – Love is the key to unlock the doors of everything
  • Patience
  • Fearlessness
  • Positivity – very important. Have a sense of humor too.
  • Being able to adapt quickly to change
  • Inspiration to move forward – books from others who have made the journey may help
  • Quest for the truth – will lead you to visit a God Realized Guru. If you have not met one or is “awakened” then all this is a preparation for this event. As the saying goes – when the student is ready the teacher will appear.
  • Dropping the ego- becoming humble; also never thinking- “I know everything there is to know about God or attaining God or becoming enlightened”.  The universe will never send you new information about anything if you “know” everything.
  • Attention to the present moment
  • Sitting in silence daily – Meditation
  • Last – Surrender

On the outward societal level or things that make as happy and spreads good karma in society.

  • Educate yourself and align your job with what you feel good inside about yourself.
  • Incorporate daily acts of giving, sharing or serving.
  • Be attentive to family and do some action with them every day. Have fun, play a game. Keep away from electronics for a few hours in the week.
  • Have a few or even one good friend who is trying to grow spiritually also. So foster a good relationship/s with someone/others. Everyone’s energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Keep company of those who vibrate at your level or above until nothing or no one can pull you down.
  • Continue attending a place of religious worship if you are currently doing so or feel good doing so. Those are great places to meditate.
  • Refrain from harming people, animals or the earth
  • Whatever else makes you happy and does not foster bad karma
  • Group meditation if one is available nearby


Q: So why did Lord Krishna revealed himself and shared the knowledge to Arjuna and to no one else?

A:  Here’s an Answer


Going Within

See what Shree Nandini said about this journey On the Spiritual Path.

All people of all religion close their eyes to pray to God. So the source is within. We meditate to open that channel within, to let go our worldly thoughts and desires for a few minutes in infinity and touch base with the infinite. What comes out of this channel of being are bliss, truth and peace. This essence can lead to a more joyous, abundant, productive and harmonious life. The reason for our existence is to develop to our full potential, physically, mentally and spiritually. Without the spiritual development all others will fail.

Just like a child grows up to be like his/her father/mother so too we have to grow up to become like our mother/father who is God.

Everyone can experience that bright blissful light of GOD because we all came from the same place.”


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Walking the spiritual path is all about shifting your vibration into being your true self. The process means nothing if you are not facing your fears and all the emotional baggage that you carry around. We tend to distract ourselves from facing them and fool ourselves. When we face them we get rid of them and go into our real higher vibration of love. Stress happens because we are refusing to change something about ourselves.

If we can sit for just 2 or 3 minutes during the day and pay attention to our breath then we would slow down a little enough to shift our vibration.

Meditation is not just about sitting down and feel you did not meditate because you did not get any bliss. It’s about really working on yourself to reach to that state of bliss where you feel and know who you truly are, naturally. Then you are always in that state of the real you. You have to be honest with yourself.


It’s a beautiful evening.
Health tip : Take a 15 minutes break from the day to enjoy the sunset. If you can, walk or sit with your bare feet touching the earth.


Namaste and good morning!
When you develop meditation as a habit it will happen spontaneously without much effort. You will just sit and it takes you over.
As you meditate more and more there comes a time when you have to be able to move out of your comfort zone and throw out the books. The books are from someone’s else mind. Is it not?
For some sitting with oneself is the hardest thing to do.

Keep evolving.
Live divinely


Reminder for Today: On Meditation
Just as the clouds appear and disappear so thoughts arise in the mind. Dark clouds are like anger, jealousy, pride and fear which arises from time to time. As you sit for meditation these arise and leave your system. After meditating for some time you will notice this. When the “chitta” starts clearing then you begin to see the truth of things as the mind begins to calm. When it’s calm it’s like a clear day with no clouds and you feel amazing.

You can keep doing the jobs and having a family. You don’t have to be a yogi. Life gets a little more blissful, and you are better able to tackle whatever comes your way. So 20 minutes a day being with your own self in meditation is really loving yourself. This will help you to be a more healthy, happier person as you are able to love, help and support others around you.

Nowadays, it is quite sad that so many people are on drugs(rich and poor). You are important to the world because of the simple reason that you are here – you were born.

Will we ever evolve to be or think?: “Make planet earth a great planet where humanity exudes the best of itself”


Published by Aasha Tyagi · October 19, 2016 ·

A beautiful message written by Maa:

Life is about dancing in the rain. Lol
Life is about being an expression of the creator.
Life is about seeing the beauty and the gifts that abound.
Life is about putting the most loving effort into improving your life in every aspect.
Life is about sharing love and implementing it by helping others around you in any way you can and when the opportunity arises – financially, physically, mentally or spiritually. My way of sharing love is to help you go within: perhaps you can classify it under spiritually, for a lack of a better word.
Life is about the evolution of everything to be whatever it’s full potential is and then fold into the creator and then become another creation of pure possibilities and potential. Consciousness in the human entity is what sets it apart from all other entities in the physical dimension that we experience with the senses and what we experience without the senses. So we can know continuation.
Creation, preservation and destruction are always happening. Creation is beginning and continuation of the seeds of time, destruction is the work that has to be done for the fertilization of the seeds of time and preservation is really our measurement of time. Time is only relative. It is the continuation of vibration from one vibration to the next.
Life is about becoming strong inside and weathering the storms that blow your way( not literal storms ) for it is the best time to evolve.
Life is also about having courage even though you may fear to chart the unknown for it is only here the unknown can be known, not from reading but from the inner quest or being.
1. The atma cannot be destroyed.
2. The law of karma – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”


Good morning dear travelers. I have not written anything in a while since my work is more on you doing meditation rather than reading.

Today the Hindu community are celebration Shivaratri. Many are celebrating by doing the pujas etc. The form points to the way and the result of the way to the experience and experiencer. The true essence of Shiva will be in the experience of “chidanand rupa, shivoham shivoham”.
During the journey the devotee (yogi) experiences many states of consciousness. There are different feelings. There may be visions too of the deity you love like Lord Krishna, (or/and) Christ etc. A vision means that there is the experiencer of the vision and the vision so there is a duality. These however gives divine bliss and encouragement as the journey continues. Feel blessed but continue your journey without trying to rekindle an experience you had before, even in the presence of the Guru.
When the experiencer and the form becomes one it is a form of Samadhi, called bhav Samadhi. You should still continue your journey for there is still travelling to do.
Someone has mentioned that I should have a blog. I don’t write much but I will consider it. My work is much more on getting our insides purified rather than our talking about it. The method of direct presence. Jai Guru.

Happy journeys
All my love


Facing Death of a love one

My beloved souls. Blessing to you. Hope you are having a wonderful day.
Sometimes life’s journey becomes difficult and even people around us may not be able to help our internal situation. This is when we have to take the advantage of putting all our love, strength and faith in God.
If someone close to us leaves their body, then you must let them go and not feel guilty even when your brain starts to forget them. Take comfort from family and friends. Maybe read some comforting books, even some books from people who had near death experiences.

As time passes and the memory fades do not try to rekindle it. Just pay attention to the others in your life and love them. Keep your prayers and meditation going for this will help you cope. Some people become angry with God, but people following the spiritual path have a deeper understanding of God and will use prayer and meditation to help and guide them.
Leave guilt. Do not let others dictate to you about what you should be feeling.
Leave regret.
Leave sadness.
Allow time to heal.
Embrace what you want to accomplish in life and take this opportunity to focus your energy on that. Build better relations with the people around you. Love yourself, love God and love others. Focus on the positive things in life.
The soul that left is continuing their journey and is in good hands. You must continue your journey and have a positive outlook.

Whatever we fill ourselves with is what will flow out of us.

Love and happy journey.


Good morning internal traveler. Hope your journey is going well or you are inspired to start if you have not.

As we walk this path of discovery, evolution or return (whichever word appeals to you), understand that all practices are means of purification. With positivity, keep on going.

Just as the lake is clear and still and perfectly reflects the forest, mountain and sky let us strive to become clear and still and reflect the Divine.


Good morning divine souls! We are thankful for another New Year, for more time to improve ourselves internally, and externally.

What we are on the inside drives our success in our jobs, relationships, connection to each other and the planet. It drives our actions and determines the outcome. Chances are if you are reading this you already know this. So let your actions flow by seeing the connectivity of things for everything is connected and we are all connected.

We really cannot create anything. Nature and God’s energy is working in us and nature and everything shows up for a short time and disappears. We are just gardeners, using intelligence to mold and create the material world we see. We cannot create life. We can do some action and watch and observe as the baby grows in a woman but it is all up to nature to grow. So a gardener will give the proper water and nourishment to the flower as the woman will give the same to her body.

Meditation keeps you from being caught in the material world, chasing desires of material things for happiness. Purpose in life is good, finding God is good, a good job and family is good, and having fun is good. So TIME management is the key to a balance life. Live your life so that if you leave your body now you would not have any regrets.

Keep your meditation going or start meditating today and keep a journal to see how you change daily.

Love and Happy journey.


Published by Parbatee Deorajsingh · December 27, 2014

Good morning divine souls! Let us give thanks for this day. Another day to be grateful for everything and everyone in our life. Let us also be thankful for the simple things in life we experience daily.

Our soul is eternal but part of it has a recorder of our life here. For simplicity sake, let us say a DVD player with a DVD. The DVD player records memories or interaction with other beings, deeds, actions, habits and emotions associated with actions and habits(total of all karmas, karma is not only deeds) These are things that make us who we are as individuals and hence the retention or non- retention of the ego. It will take a good few pages to explain further.

Anyway, for a non-enlightened being these are the things which will decide from which orifice the soul leaves the body and what kind of home the next birth will take place. The karma is then written in our DNA. Just as we see nature happening around us so to nature takes care of us after death and there is a process. Nature is non-other than God’s app. Do not fear death. Whatever is our strongest vasanas(impressions likened to the seed of thought or emotion expressed) will determine our existence and consciousness from one life to the next.

Where does thinking of God and believing in God comes in here? Well God is like the Supersoul without any karma. So the part of our soul that is eternal is never away from God but our ego with all the karma is blocking us from connecting to our soul. So when we go in and we clear some of those things out then we get in touch with our atma and feel the bliss of the soul. Then we start connecting to God more and more until one day in one lifetime no karma is left and we obtain Enlightenement/Moksha/Nirvana. Only few Enlightened beings after receiving moksha comes back to help and guide us. There will always be teachers of the truth on earth. When our vasana(impression that leads to a thought) is so strong to find out about God, purpose in life, death, the truth, what is heaven then we will be drawn to spirituality and when it reaches a sort of fruition then that kind of master will show up in your life.

Humanity on this earth plane itself is going through the stages to perfection. We will divide the stages into 3 because this is associated with the human body itself of the individual person.

The first was our animalistic(animal nature) nature phase where most civilizations were more barbaric and the worship of God was even barbaric. The heart and intellect was only expanding in a few. More individuals were operating from the navel downwards.

It took many years for us to reach this second stage- the humanistic nature phase. More hearts are open and the intellect is still expanding. We banished slavery. More individuals are operating from the heart, upwards. The capacity of the brain will continue to grow but we have to remain within the workings of nature or else we can lose some of what we have gained. More people are going within seeking to eat the right foods, doing yoga and looking inward than ever before. Still there are people with demonic qualities existing so there is still a lot of work still ahead. We must stay strong in our sadhana and live a balanced life.

The third phase in our development to perfection is the divine phase. It has started in many. This is where your sadhana comes in. On an individual level our actions determines what level or phase we are operating in.
Keep going but have balance in your life and enjoy the journey. Have fun have laughter, share love, love yourself and keep steady.
Love and Happy Journeys


Good morning divine travelers! Our journey continues.

Promised to speak on divine energy. Words can lead to misinterpretations so I realize that much cannot be written. So, I will try to explain in a different way.

It is said that there is an app for everything. Within us we are running on nature’s many apps, for example breathing, digesting food etc. So these help us to live. So to there is an interface that we gain access to the divine, we acquire divine knowledge and experience something different. So it does not matter what religion one follows because this energy is part of the soul or life force itself. This is universal knowledge. Throughout time and cultures it has been given many names. The simplest one is spirit.

When we really want to know God then we seek. Or when we really want to know what others have written and we sit and wonder “who am I really?” “Am I just a bundle of thoughts and emotions?” These are ways that get us started and we start our spiritual journey.

Some describe this kind of knowledge as mystical. Something will only be mystical until one starts understanding.

So once you hit this new button on this app now you need some guidance. That’s where a spiritual teacher, master or sadguru comes in.

Since the yogis from ancient times have studied the internal nature of us they have tried to impart this knowledge. So this is why we use some of the tools they have left us. The Yoga sutras of Pathanjali is the true yoga.

If you have meditated in your past life then meditation happens to you even as you are a child. But you might not recognize it as meditation. Perhaps you would seem to fall asleep a lot or go into trance states. The doctors would not have been able to help. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna explains that when you do sadhana or wherever you are on your spiritual journey you are born again continuing where you left off.

This topic can take many chapters, but I don’t want you to read. I want you to meditate and find the truth yourself.

Love you and happy journeys.
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Good evening! Another day is over and another day in our life has gone. How did you do? Did you find time to meditate? There are still some hours left before bedtime. Remember only you can do it.

Sometimes difficult times come our way. If you are a meditator do you find that it has enabled you to be able to handle these times better than if you were not? Every one of us has these and it’s our ability to remain positive and strong inside that gets us through and sometimes even affect the outcomes.

The greatest miracle is that we are here now, sharing this space and time together.

Inspire yourself to keep going forward and become “self-realized” or enlightened in this lifetime. It is easier now. There are many teachers and many books.

Have a heavenly night and a blissful day tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day to share love, laughter and connect to the divine cosmic energy within.

Happy journeys.

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Good morning my divine souls!
Another beautiful day is ahead for us to keep growing and glowing.
Another day to smile, another day to be feel the bliss, another day to give love.

As you continue your journey there would be times when you doubt yourself or what you are doing. Have courage and prayer for inner strength. This inner strength will eventually come on its own and you will not realize it until a situation arises and you see how you behaved or reacted.

Meditation changes your brain chemistry so even now the medical community is recommending it to all for good health and even people with addiction.

Some might be reading who are not meditating. Keep your journey to know the truth about your soul and God and your relationship. See where it leads you. This is why my message is to cultivate seeds of love and this is for everyone. When the intense desire comes within you then nothing else will hold you back. But you must spend a few minutes each day thinking about the meaning of life. Enough said. Happy journeys to you too.

On the lighter side. Attend the “university of meditation”, graduate in a doctorate of the soul. Then work with the force of the Source. The source of us all; the source of everything and everyone.

Tomorrow take a flower with you to work. Throughout the day take a few seconds to admire it and smile at its beauty, its mathematical precision and perhaps its beautiful scent. From the works of artists people study there work to know the artist. Need I say more?

Love to you and happy journeys.


Arise and let us be thankful for the new day. A new day for us to cultivate love. We are connected to each other more than we perceive. As you begin to meditate today focus a little in your heart area and think of God with love, then continue. We are looking for a pure love, not filled with any expectation so focusing on God never fails. Sometimes when we share love with each other we have expectations of how they should reciprocate and then we become disappointed.
As you continue your journey there are many things you will experience but do not get involved in those experiences and don’t let your thoughts about them lead you astray. Pleasant day ahead. Love you.


Have no Fear!
Fear of change keeps many stuck on the spiritual path. With daily meditation practice, this fear goes away.
Cultivate love.
Cultivate love for yourself internally and let it fill your inner being so that it overflows. If we meditate with love for God then this will happen naturally. With love and meditation it sets off the evolutionary impulse within us to grow in all direction and witness the cosmic consciousness
Continue your daily meditation.
If you are too busy and cannot do a full 15 minutes of meditation, then at least take a few moments to do a round of alternate nostril breathing.


Google has lots of information. Many books are there. Many masters have come and gone or presently teaching. Whatever the seeker reads are just words and ideas. The seeker will only be satisfied with experience. Experience is the inner knowing and having the guts to follow that inner trust and knowing. When you find a genuine teacher of the spiritual path you will definitely know. Keep your inward journey going. Love you.


Peace unto you, my dear reader.