My Guru – Om Maa Shree Nandini Maa


My Guru by Parbatee Maa

Om Chaitanyam Saashvatam Shaantam Vyomaateetam Niranjanam
Naad Bindu Kalaateetam Tasmai Shree Guruve Namah

The one who is verily consciousness-incarnate, eternal, ever peaceful, beyond even the ether, blemish less, beyond all sound, beyond all measurement, beyond all time, we offer our salutations unto such a Guru.

Other translation “ Prostrations to the Guru who is eternal, peaceful, unattached, full of light and knowledge, beyond the stages of Nada, Bindu and Kala, and who transcends even the ether.”

I met Shree Nandini Maa at a Guru Poornima celebration in 2003. Finally I had met someone who can understand me and my experiences, someone who was knowledgeable in what I was talking about and could give me advice. One who could tell me I am not crazy and yes, something good is happening within me.

My husband passed away the next week so I dealt with that for a while but strangely I was very calm. An unexpected heart attack was a shock but somehow I had some kind of inner strength.

As the years passed by I followed her advice on meditation and my meditation experiences changed. I started to have many divine experiences and some puzzling ones as well. There were times when it was very difficult, but I had to keep going. There was no option left for me.

She would visit like once a year in those early years. I did not spend a lot of time with her until the last 2 years before she left her body. Whenever I would sit in her presence I would close my eyes and automatically I would go into meditation. The knowledge of things came from within.

She would not have to say much; just her company would be divine. She would answer our questions and I would always be asking unexpected, perhaps weird questions because of the internal changes within me that I could not understand. I got an opportunity to visit her ashram in 2006 near Surat in Gujarat, India and it was a very nice visit. It was a very peaceful place with good company.

She did not have large crowds in the USA and liked her privacy. Her goal was to make you go within yourself and find the truth. She was indeed a true Satguru to me. Several times she instructed me to go out and give people meditation but I never felt I was capable or ready. Then the bliss came.

She left her body in 2011 and now I have finally taken up her request to help you go within yourself so you too can find the truth, find the bliss or find your bliss.

According to Swami Muktunanda when a true guru and true disciple meet, enormous  shakti is generated. My first meeting with Shree Nandini Maa was for lack of the right words- most electrifying.

Very ImportantIt is very important to have a satguru when Kundalini Shakti/Holy Spirit is fully awakened within you. There can be difficulties and Guru can help in the management of this intense divine force – the evolutionary energy of the soul.


I do not have any books written by her but here is something that she said that resonates with me –

“We live our lives, we do our work in this world and we take care of our duties. But we should also do something good so that our soul is satisfied, our soul is content and we can be peaceful. Whatever we do (for others), (in reality) we do for ourselves and not really for others.”
“If we start thinking that we have done something great for someone or that we have done someone a big favor, then whatever (good) it is we have done, that action diminishes in its stature. Our own aptitude for, and attitude to, work becomes small.” Shree Nandini Maa

Guru Om


Conversations with Shree Nandini Maa

The following is a conversation that was taped at a small intimate gathering in a house so there is some background noises of children and other noises. It is still quite audible. Hear what she says regarding puja, Bhagwad Gita and the Guru.

Please click on the link: a conversation with Shree Nandini Maa


On the Spiritual Path

On the Spiritual Path

“A person should go deep and search within himself, or herself. No one can be goaded down this path by someone else telling him, or her to do so. The person needs to do do it by himself, or herself. Even Paramatma(Supreme Soul of God) will only assist you if you truly have the desire to know Paramatma. If you think that you are greater than the Paramatma, then Paramatma may be small but he is big as well. The proof of this is the atom bomb. It has tiny particles within it but when they all come together, the resulting explosion is immense. Similarly, God may appear to be tiny, small, and puny but the reality is that God is indeed everything. So, externally you may live as a householder – you should make your life good, give rise to a good society – but internally, at least, you should do something for yourself. Don’t do it for me – do it for your own self.

Firstly, the biggest issue is that people are not able to understand spirituality(Maa uses the word Adhyaatma). For the few people who have cultivated a desire to know more about spirituality, I would say that do not lose this desire – you will definitely attain something. It is not the case that you will not find anything. so, cultivate and grow this desire to know – do not lose it. Man is unable to understand Adhyaatma. He has become worldly and has become so enmeshed in himself and his social life that he does not know that whatever he is searching for – he is searching for peace and love and trying to fulfill desires – already exists within him.

Whatever it is that you have to do, you have to do it for yourself. You may think that there is no use cultivating spirituality – you did  not find happiness even when you were searching  for it. You have gotten lost in notions such as these. You need to put aside all such things and search within yourself. You are bound to find something.

A person might say what will I find inside of me? A person will find peace, prosperity, and love only inside his own self. It is only inside that he can experience Paramatma. A person can only experience Paramatma outside(external to his own self) once he has experienced Paramartma within.”- Shree Nandini Maa


The following is a description of Nandini Maa, written by one of her followers. It has been translated from Hindi by Ashish Chandra:

A million prostrations to that moment

When your form appeared on this earth

For the infinite that long for God’s love

A beautiful dream was fulfilled

 From the snow covered Himalayas to the lowest firmament, there is hardly a place where men and women would not feel pulled towards Shree Maa – her face radiates infinite bliss and becomes playful for no apparent reason and those fortunate souls that find themselves in Maa’s company, often forget the trappings of time and gaze unblinkingly at the splendor of Shree Maa’s face. Verily, Shree Maa’s darshan (presence of an individual in a saint’s sacred company) is like a darshan of the mighty Himalayas – both are the storehouses of immeasurably precious treasures. Like the mighty Himalayas, darshan of Shree Maa brings with itself the holy qualities of purity (both physical and mental), dispassion, simplicity and truthfulness. The majesty of the holy mount Kailasha of Shiva as well as the mysteries of the holy Mansarovar lake, which is ever the abode of celestial swans, are both revealed in Shree Maa’s holy presence. The holy river Ganga flows automatically from Shree Maa’s body in the form of divine knowledge which bathes those present in her holy company, thereby ridding them of the sins of countless births and making them worthy and capable of the divine state of God Realization. In Shree Maa, we are able to witness the transformation of man into God through the holy path of Sadhana (spiritual practices). Whereas on one side we witness the calmness of the Himalayas and an ever welcoming love of all in Shree Maa, on the other side, we also witness the unmoving and imperturbable form that stays immersed in the eternal truth, regardless of the vagaries of time. To those who make Shree Maa their refuge, she is verily the celestial wish-fulfilling tree of Kalpataru.

Shree Maa is fondly called Nandini Maa by her devotees and disciples. The root cause of this universe, Om, resonates within her at all times. She is the mother of the universe, Maa, and is the abode of all that is auspicious, Shree. Shree Maa is therefore addressed as Om Maa Shree to denote the presence of these aspects within her at all times. Maa is additionally addressed as Om Maa Shree Nandini Maa, wherein the three aspects of Om, Maa and Shree are used as qualifying epithets to address Shree Maa.

The ever-worshipful Maa is the very embodiment of pure and selfless love. The ever compassionate Maa, ever loving towards her children, is indeed without any comparison. To her, all of us are her children. Like a mother engaged in all types of work but keeping her mind focused on her children, Shree Maa too rushes to us just as soon as we call upon her – the call of “Maa, Maa” is irresistible to her and she verily takes us in her arms and showers us with her loving and compassionate gaze. Oh, which child would not love this attention, and small wonder it is that we forget everything, including the problems that made us call upon her, and lose ourselves in her loving gaze.

Divine love is Maa’s only philosophy. Gentle winds always flow from Shree Maa, laden with her love. For the humanity suffering from the scorching heat of bodily and earthly miseries, these winds bring the salving rains that serve to reinvigorate us all – it isn’t a small wonder that despite the suffering and miseries of this mortal world, there are still some who have not given in to evil tendencies but have maintained themselves on the Godly path – the path of Sadhana.

In the Sanatan Dharma, commonly known as the Hindu religion, it is maintained that the entering of a physical body by the Paramatma (Supreme Soul, God) makes that physical form the abode of all auspiciousness, holiness, bliss and other qualities attributed to the divine. Such a body is considered divine and a walking temple of God. It is only such beings who can impart the knowledge of the Supreme Truth – God – and such beings are addressed as Satgurus (Sat = Truth, Guru = Giver of Knowledge). Shree Maa is a Satguru. Her very touch is considered immeasurably beneficial – just thinking of Shree Maa induces meditation. Her remembrance removes all physical and mental ailments. Her very breath generates the mantra Guru Om – Guru Om. These vibrations travel and touch everything – from the highly evolved Yogi to the barely sentient plants. Verily, Shree Maa is the holy abode of spirituality.

Shree Maa’s personality is an infinite ocean – it is nigh impossible to talk about her with any authority. We can perhaps attempt and provide a few pointers about her – that she is one with the Infinitely Blissful, Infinitely Peaceful and Ever Free. From her very breath, from every pore on her skin, a divine music emanates and a divine scent infuses her holy presence in one and all. The whole environment is bathed in her presence, as if to say. We can call this divine music or love or call it bliss or call it liberation – call it what you want but verily, Shree Maa’s breath is one with the breath of the universe.

In the present times, full of challenges and miseries for mankind, Maa is a God Realized personality. As if in response to the darkness of the present times, Maa’s personality is like the infinitely luminous fully-blossomed thousand-petal lotus of the Sahastraar Chakra, countering the darkness with her message of love, truth and divine bliss. A single moment with Maa or even a slight touch of her holy feet, is enough to awaken the in-dwelling Kundalini Shakti. Her very remembrance gives rise to spiritual experiences – there is an endless list of such occurrences that have been recorded. It is beyond doubt that Shree Maa’s physical presence spiritually uplifts anyone who comes in her contact and an indelible mark of spirituality is left on the individual.

In the contemporary times where every religion struggles to maintain its relevance, Shree Maa is a living treasure of the ancient Sanatan Dharma. In Shree Maa’s life – in her words and actions – we find the answers relating to the problems of life and the world, as well as those relating to the field of Sadhana. Her words and actions – beyond the fetters of time and space – often express themselves as simple words, sometimes a mudra (a natural yogic posture of the body due to the movement of Kundalini Shakti) and sometimes just silence. However, Maa’s work still gets done, as if by itself.

Shree Maa’s work is directly related to the Vedic Sanskriti (Culture). Her message is the message of the Vedas. Her work is to rouse man to seek his true destiny – that of union with God. Like the brilliant sun that dispels the millions of particles of darkness simply by its very presence, Shree Maa has come amongst us, as if to tell us, “arise, awake – a new life is awaiting you”!


 Peace unto you, my dear reader.