Divine Contact – Connecting to the Divine

Namaste and God’s blessings to you!

“Our foremost goal is to find God within ourselves and our foremost duty is to express God through this body.” Om Maa Shree Nandini Maa.

Live a wonderful life of love and thankfulness and connect to the Divinity within.

We make Divine Contact through prayer, meditation, sharing love and sometimes when we have those “ah hah” moments. Prayer is speaking to God, meditation is a broad name for part listening in and part communion with God. When true meditation is attained then it is sitting in presence. Communion with God and becoming one with the divine are experiences and many from different cultures and faiths speak about this.

May you be Blessed


As a human being how do we navigate life? By beginning an understanding of who you are and how you gather information and what drives you and what you can do to function at a higher level can lead you into making Divine Contact and your understanding of life. You are made up of everything you embrace or encounter in your life and you record everything within yourself. All the events, deeds, emotions, music, things you read and people you meet are recorded within you.

Life, love, beauty and intelligence flow through us. Can you feel it and know it? We are co-creators with the Divine. By connecting to the Divine we will understand this more and keep this planet a wonderful place to live, share, create, love and appreciate. What we put into ourselves is what we pour out and express into the universe.

What do we have in ourselves right now? Sometimes we carry unnecessary things. We carry worries, trauma from this life and other lifetimes, unresolved emotions and karmic energies and resonances. So, we carry around a lot of “luggage” that influences our thinking, health and well-being.

When one can shed some of the conditioning of the mind, then effective change can happen. The mind is a very useful tool and necessary just like our senses, but we must shed some of that luggage that we carry around that is holding you back or not allowing us to reach our full potential as a divine human being.

Meditation is a way to sit quietly with oneself and let go of this “luggage” and develop ourselves internally. Sometimes meditation experiences are not blissful as you penetrate more layers into your self. It can be troubling as you shed trauma, conditioning and karmic energies. So it is not easy, but it is worth the effort. In this modern age, one can say that sitting for meditation may help one get rid of things in your database(within yourself) that you don’t want and embrace new things or gain new insights about oneself and the universe.

We must also develop ourselves internally. On a societal level, a more peaceful you create a more harmonic presence which creates a more harmonic home, school, workplace, society, world and universe.  Spiritual Research and Sadhana is required. Research purifies the heart and increases intelligence.

There are a few things that are needed in a human being internally to bring forward all the other qualities that will help make a beautiful world. Sit quietly in prayer and meditation for at least 15 minutes a day. Love, laugh, live and eat more consciously. Be kind. See the intelligence in nature and how we are connected to each other and the planet and live “green”.

We have to pass on this love, caring and sharing to all generations to come.

Challenges in life are blessings in disguise. It allows you to change and grow. Difficult circumstances will always come your way. Spiritual research gives you the tools to deal with everyday life situations and shed past vasanas(tendencies) and unwanted karmic energies.

Nurture gratitude. Have good energy in your home. Don’t hold on to clutter and surround yourself with real friends and people who uplift and support you and you uplift and support them.

Learn to meditate today.

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Love and peace unto you, my dear reader.

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