Visit to Maa’s Ashram 2006

There were murties of Bhagwan Nityananda baba of Ganeshpuri and Swami Muktananda Baba. So I guessed them to be the Guru Lineage.


I arrived at the Ashram on Sunday November 4th , 2006. My stay there was an amazing experience. While I was preparing for my visit there one of Maa’s disciples had remarked that it is seldom that Maa would invite anyone to stay at the ashram. She never allowed householders to stay there. ” You are lucky. It must mean that she has something to give to you.” I did not know exactly what he meant but years afterwards I realize the truth. Maa had told me then, that I should give people meditation but I never started this until 2012.

The occupants at the ashram were all females. The sannyasins(the closest name in terms of the English language is perhaps “nun”) woke up at 4 am each day and after taking a bath would start their meditation. There was a special meditation room that only the sannyasins used. I felt very fortunate that I was able to meditate there with one of them. Some of them stayed in their room for meditation. The energy and the atmosphere were very conducive to meditation. At night sometimes I was unable to sleep as my internal kriyas increased. I would have milk and fruit in the middle of the night. Maa had instructed them to provide that for me since the jet lag can affect you for a few days keeping you awake at night. I was treated so well at the ashram and everyone I met was so wonderful. I am grateful for that experience and it made a great difference in my sadhana.

The Sunday service was the highlight of the week. . There was a havan done that day followed by satsangh and Maa’s  darshan. Maas darshan was the most amazing thing I witnessed and felt. I went into a state of samadhi(not nirvilka) unable to move from the ground…… more in my autobiography .. still working on it.

Here, I will share just a few pictures around the ashram. I heard that it has changed since then and there is another murti of Mother Durga and Maa’s samadhi shrine.

The place was very quiet except for the sounds of peacocks and other birds. I felt very blissful at times. Sometimes as I walked around I felt like dancing.


Enjoying the peacocks. Someone had told me that sometimes when Maa relaxes in her porch the peacocks all come around her.

PeacockWatching1PeacockWatching2ShivaLingamTopOfShivaLingamBellRungatAartiBellRungAtAartiSaraswatee MaaHanuman JiSriGanesh




Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra – This is not on the ashram premises but a short distance away.

The vision to build this Sri Yantra came from one of Maa’s beloved devotees. Erecting it was a bit of a challenge since the dimensions of the petals had to be figured out. It is huge with a statue of Maa at the top(see picturebelow). Within it is a room for meditation. As the years go by many come to visit it and there is a visitors office. The statue of Maa faces the ocean and is lit at night so now seafarers look towards it as a sort of lighthouse. There is a bell at the front of the building next to the road. Many people of all religions would stop by and ring the bell and say a prayer.  See below where I try to ring the bell. You have to have some muscles for it.

MaasDevoteesHouses2SriYantra2 SriYantra1  PartOfSriYantraBuilding MeRingingBell  SriChakraWithMaaStature1MaasStatureOverlooking the sea

Om Shree Maa