What’s in your database?


Within us lies a database. Our genetic makeup is created according to what is stored here. It is filled with impressions, emotions and memories which trigger our thoughts, behavior and actions. This is karma. It stays with us from lifetime to lifetime. Through the impressions we can be a positive person or not.
Our immediate goal is then to purify our self of negativity and remove the unnecessary in our database. We need to develop strong faith and will power and use our keen intelligence to affect this change in life.
The inability to adapt to change and affect good change in our lives keeps us from progressing in spirituality and any other area of life. For example if we know eating a kind of food causes us indigestion and we keep eating it then what about our other habits?
So we have to purge out database and stop adding unnecessary things to it.

Action for today
Develop strong willpower for the right things you want to change in your life and set reasonable parameters to affect the change you want to come about. Don’t waver.
Inspire yourself daily.
And always, make 20 minutes of meditation part of your daily routine. See how negative emotions and tendencies just escape when you are completely in “presence.”

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