Hmmmm 2016

OmThere is nothing to really write about but I guess I am going to jot down some things.

In order to give something you must have it. To give physical things like food and clothes, one must have money to purchase it or make it or already own it.

To do service is to help by contributing something that is not tangible like:

  • helping a friend put up his fence
  • helping out at a shelter
  • giving financial or legal advice
  • helping some learn to use something
  • teaching someone a sport

You get the gist. So to offer something you must have it.

In the world of nature the Sun, together with the other elements of nature is doing it’s work, giving us energy for what we call life. The rays are always hitting the earth whether we or the earth wants it or not. The clouds sometimes gives us a relief but the sun is always there and the earth stays in position because of it. The sun does not discriminate. It is part of the creation principle of the earth as it formed. So it is something that science can see and understand.

The principle of the Guru was also born when creation was formed so it is just as the supreme law of the universe – the law of karma. The difference is that science does not see this because there is no way to measure spirit. Only the human have consciousness to experience spirit.

Finding a Guru is of great value to the true seeker. It helps them on their path to see the truth about themselves and all of creation and their relationship with this creation and their understanding of the supreme. It enhances the purification process of clearing of your database so that truth can be realized. The books of scripture tells of many great teachings. The problem is that some of them are limited to the culture and the evolution of the brain and heart of the humans in that period of time so the teachings are misunderstood. Reading books and quoting scriptures is only spouting out information that you have gathered. The scriptures are necessary to keep society growing and not destroying itself. It is the beginning of the seekers journey.

Following a true guru is never a cult because the guru never wants to tell you what to experience in meditation or add things to your database. He wants you to learn and graduate and move on and not come to him forever, just like any other teacher. If you do find one you will soon realize how he helps you to clear your insides so that the true nature of your divinity will spring forth. We make remarks like “I don’t  see why you cannot find God or the truth without a Guru” Tell that to the sun. Only if you know how everything works can you make a judgement.

At the same time the Guru is mysterious. Is the Guru energy? Is the Guru form, or formless. Is the Guru within you? Is the Guru God’s network? Is the guru everywhere? Is the Guru the divine mother? What is the guru tattwa? You have to find out. You have to do the research.

So this is my blog for the first day in 2016.

Peace unto you


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