The Flute

Lord Krishna3

We are like the flute of Lord Krishna. If the instrument is plugged the music cannot come out beautifully. So we keep our instrument clean so that the music coming out will be clear. Then in the hands of Lord Krishna the music is sweet and there is no separation between the flute player the wind in flute, the wood comprising the flute and the music that’s coming out.

Prayer is the beginning.  All rituals, chanting, hatha yoga and meditation in our life are part of the cleansing process. A Satguru in our life means that we have done a great amount of cleansing but there is still some to go. This is the time when our fears and ego keeps arising and it can be difficult as the path is cleared to let the flute player and the flute become one. If we think we know then that’s the ego. We will know only when we really know.

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