Energy – The Metamorphosis of the Universe

Everything in our lives is the exchange of energy. It is what we do with our energy that drives our world.

As we eat an apple, it soon becomes a part of us. So whatever we eat each day is always becoming part or who we are. The apple tree bore apples because it got the nutrition all the elements of nature. So the tree was necessary to convert the elements to food for our digestive system. According to the science of Ayurveda, every food has a hidden nature and eating the right kind of food for our nature helps us.

Similarly as someone says some kind or angry words to us it becomes part of us. For example if someone says they love you, energies or impulses move within you and there’s a kind of feeling in the heart. The subtle body records this and it becomes part of you. There was a certain energy being given by the person who created the words that got transferred to you.

So just imagine if they said that they hated you. This would have created chaotic energy within you and you could have easily reacted and passed this on to someone else.

When we look at a flower we get a beautiful feeling from the flower. So the energy that created the flower, has been received maybe in terms of its color, beauty or fragrance. We are receiving the intelligent and beautiful energy of the creator. It is why we use flowers for wedding, funerals, pujas, for any beautiful occasion or to patch a quarrel.

Another way that energy is exchanged is through sounds. Hearing a song on the radio soon becomes part of you. You might soon begin hearing it within you when you are not even listening. Do you see how our brain and nervous system work? Everything and everyone gives and receive energy.

Different kinds of music affects our brain and nervous system. We all know about the effect of classical music. The energy of exchange is in the sound itself.

Mantras go at deeper level to affect us also. The way and feeling and pronunciation of the mantra also causes a different kind of energy to be exchanged in the human body. Did you know you can actually feel the effect? Since it is sound it works on a similar but not the same to music.

When we sing kirtan or gospel or songs to God there is an exchange here also. We connect with the person singing but we connect with each other through our emotions and our connection and ideology of praising God together. We exchange good energy together. Kirtan combines the emotion with some of the words of mantras or names of God having a more profound effect in the subtle layer.

Scientists have now found that water holds memory. Good thoughts of love and gratitude changes the subtle energy of the water beautifully, while hate or negative thoughts creates some ugly looking energy. You can see the movie “Secret of Water” or catch stuff on the internet. The ancients knew about blessing food and water.

So the whole universe came into being just for us to exchange energies with it and we can never be separated because we need the whole universe(which includes us). This is the creation of the Divine. This is the immutability and the infinity of the Divine.

The ability to take this life and NOT create chaotic energy while you evolve in the world is your challenge. One must develop oneself internally. One must also see and face the truth about oneself. Every circumstance and the emotions is indeed recorded within you. Energy can get rid of unwanted records in your system as well. You just have to learn that.

The only thing that energy cannot change is the soul. This is your vehicle to live and experience this world through all it’s rough and happy times. Let us use our resources and our expressions wisely.

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