The Bliss of Meditation

I usually do not sit for formally for meditation anymore but I decided to do it today. Then as I was about to begin, I thought hmm and clicked record.
The bliss of connecting with the “self” or atma or soul is wonderful. As the cosmic waves of the Shakti(called by many different names) arises and merges in the consciousness, the state of ananda is felt. The mind tries to experience or analyze it and gets in a little now and then but cannot record it. The state of the Divine lies within the complete stillness.

It is a wonderful thing to understand oneself. To experience the pure atman without the ego-mind personality where we usually operate from. This is why we say to hold the ego in check.

I encourage others to meditate to know this but it is a commitment. It is harder for some more than others because of the extent of clearing of karma or removal of conditioning that has to take place in someone. One must have the thirst for knowledge, or thirst to know one’s “self”, or know the Divine.

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