It’s Christmas Day 2023

As I lay in bed I thought of Jesus since it’s Christmas day. I also thought of the state of the world, about wars, the rise in the behavior of stupidity, the rise in “un-truth”, and the mental breakdown. It looks like a world of total chaos. Always has been but it seems to be stepping into ignorance and darkness and as some of the light dims.

I went into that space that I go in and I became that. I once again became merged in energy, light and consciousness and the ego part of Parbatee disappeared and I merged into the essence of what we call Christ. My being understood and echoed “I am the light, I am the way. Fear not.”

Let those who feel hopeless, be hopeful again. God is not of the past and future but God is always among us. God is a living God. God is not hidden in the heavens and books but can be accessed within.

From that state the message is:”You are because I am, Don’t let the darkness of ignorance and the ego overrun this existence. Remain in truth. Only a man of truth will know others who speak truth. Blessed are the peace-makers. Blessed are ones who’s hearts are pure and full of light. Blessed are the ones who’s light shine through their intellect. Blessed are those whose light shines through their compassion. Blessed are those who always acknowledge me and hence have a close relationship with me. For those, they don’t have to ask for blessings for it is given what is needed. Blessed are those who take care of the plants and animals for they become my care takers and are taken care of. Blessed are the ones who holds their strength in me. Blessed are the ones that feel and know me from within. Blessed are those who walk the path of love.”

6 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Day 2023

  1. I am so blessed in walking in your love and light. I have so much to thank you for all your blessings and knowledge you have shared in this life. Where ever I go people get blessed with your love and light. I am blessed to be in your company ❤️

  2. Thank you dear Maa for your beautiful message. Deep in our hearts we should know that our relation with God is throughout the creation itself showing love, compassion, respect, care, to this beautiful planet and everything and everyone in it. We the human beings have been distracted with many things that are moving us away from the real connection with God within us, causing us confusion and sadness, but we have to understand that our actions and thoughts are creating our reality. If everyone open their heart and connect with their surroundings and see the beauty in each soul and interact with love. We will start creating a better place for us. Don’t let the fear block the pure essence of love that you are within. Each of us is responsible for the future of our beautiful planet and it is necessary to take care with love our mother earth for our future generations.

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