Make This Lifetime Matter Through Your Thousands of Birth and Death

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I have stopped writing to the public because there is so much that have already been written and I realize no one is really interested in what I am speaking about. Also words come to me when a question is asked. To sit and write something that is not resonating in me is impossible to write about. My teaching is my being. Sitting in silence is going deeper in presence than words.

Anyway, Ashesh Chandra wrote something to ponder about and now I feel excited to write a little. It is not directed at you Ashesh but just stuff for anyone reading to think about.

I have realized that people like hearing from gurus that have passed on so here’s a quote from Yogananda from the famous Autobiography of a Yogi.

“Through proper food, sunlight and harmonious thoughts, men who are led by Nature and her divine plan will achieve Self-realization in a million years. Twelve years of normal healthful living are required to effect even slight refinements in the brain structure; a million solar returns are exacted to purify the cerebral tenement sufficiently for manifestation of cosmic consciousness”

Many say they are not ready for the path of meditation or knowing. So my question is how many attires (lifetimes) are needed just to want to evolve and ask the question “who am I, what is life’s purpose”. Only when death knocks on one’s own door or a loved one do one ask the bigger questions. So it’s a good thing there is death. It wakes you up to what is important in life. Now we discussed how short our lifespan is in terms of the material universe so how long will one ponder this? Will one drop it or continue?

Science says that humans came about 200,000 years ago so if by all the requirements met as stated by Yogananda then we have 800,000 years to go. However will we destroy ourselves before that? Through archaeology there seems to be a lot of lost civilizations. However time goes on, and we may destroy the planet but who says there are not worse planets that one can be born on. We have not even scratch the vastness of this universe. A Self-realized being or guru can help one cut down thousands of lifetimes.

Do we want to destroy this beautiful planet? Do we want to stop evolving from human to divine? It seems some of us are. Just look at the present day world affairs. We thought that man had evolved upwards past the heart chakra and was starting to see human beings as fellow brothers and sisters instead of segregating by race and religion. We thought that the wild, wild west days of gunslingers was a part of history but we have again arrived at that here in Texas. How many times must we learn the same lessons? We think that just because we have all this technology that we have evolved further than past civilizations? Even who will we vote for to lead our country reflects ourselves.

A sign that a society is evolving to its highest potential is when there is no need for laws but all operate at the highest level of conscience or consciousness. I am sure we won’t see this in this lifetime.

You see this Mother Nature is so powerful and we cannot rule her. The wise knows that there are always consequences to messing with nature. All the GMO food and weird things that some have polluted our food supply to our own human family are big mistakes that we have to correct. We have to take charge of our own self and change our habits.
We are making progress and we must not let fear retard our growth. There is some sort of balance and we have to keep our faith in each other that we all want peace and harmony.

So in this few moments of living remember to be kind, loving and peaceful. Find truth. Take time out to keep penetrating the layers of the human being to the anandamaya kosha to move into spirit/self. For some who might not know what anandamaya kosha here’s a good link


*There are psychiatrists and psychologists using past life regression techniques to help people, especially with deep trauma. Read Dr Brian Weiss books. Watch youTube

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