The Satguru – guru of truth.

The guru is not the form. The form is part of the guru when the guru is still in the body

The mountain is standing looking mighty and beautiful. The lake is so calm that it reflects the mountain perfectly. Just looking at the picture brings a sense of peace and serenity without making any conscious effort, is it not? We are wired this way.

The guru is like a reflecting mirror for you. When we sit with a guru then whatever is bothering us, or(our bhav) our feelings comes out since the guru is now reflecting who we are without any conscious effort. Some people feel love, some people cry, some goes into a meditation, some feel like singing kirtan, some have answers to questions in their heads and some go into a state of no thoughts. Some are overloaded by so many thoughts as the mind tries to clear itself. Some can feel intense energy in their body. In some, chronic pain goes away. Some can become awakened. In some their hearts melt and they become ecstatic or blissful.   Sometimes things that are bothering the seeker comes out and is shed so that they can deal with the issue and let it out of the system so that it will not become disease later on. This is a piece of truly what presence is. Whatever change or changes are needed for the seekers growth comes into play.

There are too many effects to document here but healing occurs at a many levels of our being.

How is your wiring?

In the analogy above, what represents the guru and what represents the seeker?

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