Does Time Truly Exist

Does time truly exist?

If I say to you it is now 7:59:01. By the time you check a few seconds have passed so it is no longer valid. We think of time in terms of a linear thing when we relate history of the world. Yes, for all societal functioning purposes it does exists but it is always an instance like a now moment and then it is gone.

Let us think of time in another way. Let us think of time us memory or stored creative action on in the process of being stored. It took about 4.5 billion years to produce you and you are made up of the materials in the universe, both known and unknown, both seen and unseen and you get the gist. With our 5 senses we only comprehend a tiny spectrum of what exists. Scientists tell us there are many more things and as you go into the tiniest of light matter it is but a wave or particle according to the observation . So if you look into us we also vibrate as wave and particles. The difference is that we are not conscious of this.

It is within this wave and vibration that everything is occurring to change matter into the forms we see vibrating at different frequencies. There is an intelligence at work here and together with sound can penetrate and change the pattern of vibration. So time has taken place and was a creative action and became a memory.  Going too deep?

Well the problem with this earth school is that all of us knows that it has to change but how do we change it? So when I say we have to change ourselves from within it does not make any sense to you. Well we are all connected to this wave and particle and we as a form vibrate at a certain frequency and can impact others. Experiments conducted by scientists show the impact of good positive thoughts and emotions on water. The universe is a living thing just as you are and everything is at a different state of consciousness -living in a different sense than as you think.

I have often said that, our very thoughts affect things and people around us. Because we don’t have access to how this is happening we brush it aside, but you know how you feel when you are in a positive environment such as with a friend, parent or baby. When we slow down our breath and listen inward we can get into a place of no time. It is the only place of “no time.” Hence no creative action is taking place or no memory is being accessed or accumulating in our mind.  Time does not exist here. You can come out feeling the deeper aspect of your being now rejuvenated and perhaps changing your ‘vibrational’ frequency. This causes a shift that affects the thoughts and emotions of yourself and those around who affects others since the network is there.

So when I say that we should meditate to start changing things it has a greater meaning behind it.

Besides, thoughts and emotions – the planets, the moon, the sun and certain particles from the sun affect us. This is why there are certain rituals from the Hindu philosophy to help in this. If you can meditate and change your frequency then these things cannot affect you as much.

All creative memory is stored within us and as humans, part of it is written into our genes.

As we are speaking now the brain and the nervous system is changing within us. We have to evolve whether we like it or not. Some of the modern day health problems such as some migraines, TMJ, fibromyalgia have no real cause but just an effect of human evolution(I am not referring to Darwin’s Theory).  Sound therapy, together with exercise may shift the ‘vibrational’ field helping those with depression.

Anyways, I am shifting from the topic here so let’s get back into it. I once heard that there was a study of a few thousand people meditating for a certain amount of time and the crime rate dropped in the city. I cannot verify the figures here but I see articles on my Facebook wall of the positive change in behavior of children sitting in silence in some schools.

I will give you another example. How do you feel when you go to the church, temple, mosque or other places of God worship? It feels nice , does it not? We bring out our love for God here and share it among ourselves. It is a field of vibration that was created here and you feel it. The way the building is designed helps a little towards storing this energy. Time has kind of slowed down here. Depending on the place an hour can pass by easily and you would have not noticed it if you are a ‘meditator’. The word meditation sort of puts the process of consciousness or attempting to be conscious in a box but I don’t have any other word for it.

Some people hold this frequency within them and if you are conscious enough, when sitting in their company hours can go by and you would not know. It was my experience with my guru Sri Nandini Maa. When I sat in her company hours went by without me being aware of it and she actually had to “chase” us home, lol.  I spoke of the Guru in one of my earlier posts about being a reflection of us. In those days I would think how fortunate I was to sit in such great company. I wondered ” Is this how the the disciples felt around Jesus or the gopis felt around Sri Krishna”?

I am not saying that this is all we have to do to change things and to drop everything and just do this. For many of us who are drawn to do things then we must do it, but to find the best solutions to do those things still comes from inside. I always say we must develop ourselves in every way and have a good life. I am just expressing what I am here to express in the world. It is a tiny expression but we are all expressions.

The intelligence in the universe creates what is needed in the world. Sometimes things are also taken away  because that is what is needed also. I always say that the only true constant in the universe is change and adapting to change is a constant thing to deal with.

Out of the hours in a day spend more time in positive thinking. Change thought patterns, change us:-)

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