Love – Stay Strong As The Mountain

Just putting out some good words.

I have nothing to give you but to send you the love that God has given to us in our hearts.

If you are sad, I pray that your sadness leaves as you read this.

If you have lost hope, I pray that you feel hopeful once again.

If you are happy, I pray your inspiration goes out to others.

If you are lonely, let your heart be filled with love and know that God is always with you.

If you are ill, I pray that you will feel better as you read this, for the body is healing.

If you are angry, I pray that you simmer down and get yourself out of that state.

Know that these are all states that change like the weather and it will change again.

If someone is hungry or ailing and you are helping them then you are showering the blessings of God. May you continue to be blessed.

You are helping others in any way you can, and we are grateful to have you in our lives.

You are a shining star.

Just as you create something and love it because you devoted your time, effort, care and attention and wants the best result for your creation, so too this world we live in was created by the Divine. So, we must have faith and trust and remain firm in our efforts to walk in light and love. Feel your divinity inside.

Remain steady and strong as the mountain.

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