Simple Truth

A simple way to look at your life and bring love into your system.

This post is especially for those who feel alone, or do not feel love in their life.

Do you love your children? Is it because you were part of their creation or manifestation?

Do you love something you created with love and intelligence like a sweater, a building, a garden or did something out of the kindness of your heart?

So to, the creator love this creation.

Do you love your children? Close your eyes and and go into your heart and say ” I love my children” You can substitute children with their actual name. Does it not feel good inside? You can feel the love. If you don’t have a child, I am sure you have a parent or spouse or dog etc.

So if you are a child – now you know how your parents felt. So close your eyes and say and feel “my mom loved me or my dad loved me” or whoever took care of you.

So, in the same way God created this universe and you. So now close your eyes and go into your heart and feel the words of “God loves me” Feel it completely.

Even if you did not feel love when you were growing up, it was not your fault. You are at the very heart of God, at the very heart of this creation. Now create good things in your life and this planet. Put a piece of love into it. Even if you live alone, have this love in your heart.

Every thing you are doing in this world, you are really doing to benefit your own self at its core.

The saints became saints because they loved God with all their might and it was so intense that they got swept up into it and felt the love of the merging love of the creator. So they were sometimes alone but did not feel lonely because they can feel the presence of the creator.

Go for nature walks and see the beauty around. Feel the good energy of a place without the frequencies of technology. For some of you, your thoughts will lessen and you will feel creative or good thoughts will come to you. Then you can get to feeling like yourself again.

Just as our earthly mother loves us so too the Divine Mother takes care of all her creations.

Now do you understand?

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