Now I Have Time To Love Myself

I was always busy in life, never had time for me

Learning in school, doing chores, coping with drama

Never time for me, but I smiled.

Learning to cook, learning about being an adult, and all the other things we try, learning to conform to society, getting the university education

Never time for me, but I smiled.

Learning the married life, bearing the children and working and working

Never took time for me, but I smiled.

Being a good spouse, teaching and growing my children, washing thousands of laundry items, buying thousands of groceries, cooking hundreds of meals that not necessarily was my favorites ( everyone else’s)

Never took time for me, but smiled.

Coping with the sleepless nights: with children’s common ailments and doctor’s visits, everyday worries, friends or family departures

Never took time for me, but I smiled.

Now I am retired, husband has left the earthly plane, and children are living their own lives, so now I have time for me

Now I had time to love my own self. Now I had time to truly love God or question the existence.

Was spending time loving my friends and family and other things but never had time for me. Was that time for me? It was only time for part of me. Now I have time to find the other part of me.

So I cook what I like, I dance how I like, I dress how I like, I stay away from drama.

Now I have time for me and I smile.

I garden and watch the flowers, I observe nature, I paint the flowers and things of nature

For I have time for me, and I smile.

I meditated and found the real me that was hidden.

Now I am and I smile.

As I meditated, I received the gift of the ability to bless others, and to give meditation.

So, sometimes I bless others, give meditation and spread good thoughts.

I feel completed , so I paint, paint, paint and take pictures of my flowers.


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